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HiPP vs Holle Formula


You really have to think about some of the choices you need to make.  When it comes to baby formula, which one is better?

Not only are you making the decision to feed your baby organic baby formula, but you are also choosing from the top European baby food companies. You want natural goodness that meets or exceeds organic food standards. Hipp formula and Holle formula are two strong contenders for your baby's nutritional needs.

So what will make your decision easier? Knowledge is key when you have to make a choice. There are consumer reviews and advertising, but the most important part of a search is the number of facts you gather.

Why Choose Hipp Formula?

  1. Organic Baby Formula Leader. For over 60 years, Hipp has been one of the top manufacturers of organic baby food in Europe, Asia, and South Africa. In fact, Georg Hipp was a pioneer in organic agriculture, particularly in the area of baby food. Today's farms follow biodynamic farming practices that are good for
  2. One of the Largest Processors of Organically Produced Raw Material. Hipp knows what they are doing. They work close with the farmers to ensure that they maintain the best product for their consumers even though the company continues to grow in Germany, Austria, and Hungary.
  3. Organic Lactose. The best food for your infant is breast milk. Breast milk is naturally sweetened with lactose. Hipp uses organic lactose to gently sweeten your baby's formula to make it even more delicious without added sugars or synthetic sweeteners.
  4. Eco-friendly organization. While many companies around the world are trying to figure out how to reduce carbon emissions and all types of pollution, Hipp is already demonstrating how it runs more green. It already has an environmental management system in place that has helped them reduce water and energy consumption. Not only that, Hipp also recycles about 97% of all of its waste while operating carbon-neutral sites.
  5. Products for your baby's specific needs. Does your little one have food sensitivities? What about a digestive system dealing with constipation or gas? From newborn to over 12 months, you can find:
  • Combiotic
  • Hypoallergenic combiotic
  • Anti-reflux
  • Special Comfort

Why Choose Holle Formula?

  1. Years of Experience. Holle has been producing organic baby food since 1933, making it one of the oldest in Europe. Through the years, Holle has kept its focus on providing its customers the natural quality that keeps them coming back generation after generation.
  2. Demeter-Quality, biodynamic agriculture. While both Hipp and Holle practice biodynamic farming, Holle is certified Demeter-quality. These strict guidelines named after the Greek goddess of the harvest are part of the holistic approach to the growing cycles and the ecobalance that produces good soil, healthy animals, good harvest, and a good environment for the people who live in that community.
  3. Maltodextrin from organic farming. Maltodextrin is a corn starch used as a thickener as well as a sweetener. It comes from organic farming
  4. Highest European Organic Standards. Not only is the baby formula manufactured by Holle 99% organic, but it strives to be carbon-neutral. The farming practices are good for the soil, but the company strives to maintain a healthy environment in the communities around them. Holle has even been recognized for their commitment to sustainability.
  5. Cow or Goat? Holle focuses on Demeter-quality cow's milk and goat's milk. Goat's milk is an option for babies who either cannot tolerate cow's milk or need to consumer milk proteins that are smaller. The Goat First Milk does contain both maltodextrin and lactose. Both types of organic baby formula are available for newborns to over 12 months of age.


Now that you have the facts, the decision comes down to which of these high quality products align with what you want for your little one. Do you want biodynamically raised ingredients or Demeter-quality? Lactose, maltodextrin, or both? Does your baby have specific feeding needs that require a certain type of formula? There are no bad points to either organic baby formula, rather a preference of one over the other.

Repost from July 2018

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