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Holle Goat Milk Formula Preparation

Holle goat milk formula is an alternative for babies. Is the preparation more difficult?

Holle provides parents of infants with two types of dairy-based formula for feedings. Both the cow and goat milk-based products come from Demeter farms who follow strict guidelines in organic, biodynamic agriculture. Both are easy to digest with no added sugar. The end result is delicious, wholesome milk that goes into Holle's formula.

Some people choose goat milk over cow milk for a number of reasons. Goat milk has smaller proteins and fat molecules as well as a higher ratio of casein to whey compared to cow milk. Other than that, there are no major differences.


How to Prepare Holle Goat Milk Formula

  1. Use boiled water (cooled to 104 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit) or bottled water to insure no bacterial contamination is present.
  2. Measure the appropriate amount of formula for the desired amount your baby will consume. Remember to use level scoops for the right balance of nutrition and hydration.
  3. When the water and formula powder are combined in the bottle, close the bottle and shake the mix until the powder is completely dissolved.
  4. Test the temperature of the formula to make sure that it is not too hot for your child.

Just like Holle's cow milk formula, the goat milk formula is just as easy to prepare.  Don't let a different type of milk prevent you from trying it. Be sure to consult the packaging and the instructions included in your shipment to verify the right preparation instructions for your baby's stage.


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