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Holle Goat Milk Formula Vs Cow Milk



When you weigh the benefits of different organic baby formula, of course you want better. However, is goat formula better than other dairy formula?

Holle Goat Formula is part of the 85+ year history of the company's organic baby food line. In fact, Holle is the only manufacturer in Europe to have a Demeter-certified comprehensive baby food line. Demeter-certified means that it follows the strict organic guidelines in biodynamic guidelines that establishes a balance between soil, plant, animal, and citizens who all rely on the earth.

Goat milk is the most consumed milk in the world. In fact, one goat can produce between 2 and 3 liters of milk a day, which is enough for one family who can raise their own goat. It still has all of the nutrition like cow's milk from calcium and vitamin D to protein and fat. Does it mean that goat milk formula is better for your baby?

Holle Goat Milk Formula is a Great Alternative to Cow Milk

Infant formula has been manufactured with your baby's developing digestive system in mind. While both of the Holle formulas are easy to digest, there are some components of goat milk that make it easier for babies to tolerate it if they have problems digesting cow milk formula.


All milk contains sugar called lactose. It is the carbohydrate that is found in breast milk from mammals. Baby formula companies such as Holle opt to mimic breast milk by using organic lactose as the energy-building carbohydrate in Stage PRE and Stage 1. Holle Goat Milk Formula Stage 1 is different because it uses both organic lactose and organic maltodextrin, a carbohydrate derived from corn.

Maltodextrin is not a sugar like sucrose or high fructose corn syrup. It has no taste and is also used as a thickening agent for the creamy texture found in baby formula. What makes it useful in Holle's formula is that it balances the sweetness that comes naturally in lactose. It is important to know that some babies cannot tolerate lactose well. It is something that they can grow out of, but it can mean that your baby has gastrointestinal issues. By using less lactose while maintaining the necessary amount of carbohydrates your baby needs to grow and develop, Holle's Goat Milk formula is easier on your baby's tummy.


Protein is another key component to baby formula to help your baby reach all of those milestones. Babies need about 11 grams of protein each day. However, about 7% of babies have allergies to milk protein. This is when the immune system overreacts to milk proteins. Symptoms include gas, bloating, diarrhea, and other tummy troubles. Babies who are diagnosed with a milk protein allergy are just as likely to have reactions to the proteins in plant-based milk formulas like soy.

Goat milk formula is different without being heavily processed like hydrolyzed baby formula. The milk proteins in goat milk are naturally smaller and have less alpha s1 casein than cow's milk. Babies who consume Holle Goat Milk formula get the amount of milk protein they need to grow without all of the digestive issues they get from Holle cow milk formula.

Does Your Baby Have to Have an Allergy to Enjoy Holle Goat Milk Formula?

Absolutely not. The choice you make between either Holle formulas means that you want to provide your baby with Demeter-quality baby formula that meets or exceeds the standards for baby formula as well as organic foods according to the European Union and Demeter farming associations. Your baby will have all the goodness of goat milk and none of the artificial additives, preservatives, or synthetic by-products that can be in other baby foods. Also, if your family enjoys goat milk on a regular basis instead of cow's milk, then the transition from Holle Goat Milk formula to whole goat milk can be an easier one for your baby.

Repost from September 2018

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