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Holle Goats Milk Formula

Goat's milk formula is not a new concept by any means. However, it is an alternative to cow's milk that may appeal to you and your baby.

When it comes to feeding your baby, there is nothing better than breast milk. However, parents have looked for alternatives from wet nurses to homemade formula. The source of milk varies depending on what is available.


Why Do People Choose Goat's Milk?

Cows are not always an option in some regions because of the need for grass for grazing or hay feed in the winter when that source of food is under ice and snow. According to the USDA, it takes about 1.5 to 2 acres to feed a cow and its calf for 12 months. Animals such as goats take less acreage. In fact, 65% of the world's milk consumption is from goat's milk. It is not just Asian countries such as India and Bangladesh who produce the most goat milk, but also European countries such as France, Spain, Turkey, and Greece.


What are the Benefits of Drinking Goat's Milk?

Even though cow's milk is the predominant milk of choice in the United States, not everyone can drink it. Those who suffer from lactose intolerance cannot digest the amount of lactose in the milk. Lactose is the carbohydrate, or milk sugar, that is found naturally in all types of milk from mammals, especially humans. Adults and babies alike can be affected by lactose intolerance. Goat's milk is special because it has lower levels of lactose than cow's milk. It is easier for them to digest with less reaction.

Goat's milk formula is high in protein, but the milk proteins are smaller compared to cow's milk formula. They also produce softer curds in the stomach when it combines with the stomach acids. This makes it easier to digest. Not only that, but goat's milk has less of the allergenic proteins than cow's milk. For babies who have a milk protein allergy, they may be able to tolerate goat's milk better.


Why Choose Holle Goats Milk Formula?

Holle produces all of its formula from milk – cow and goat – from animals that are raised in Demeter-certified farms. This high standard of organic biodynamic farming creates a balance between soil, animal, and humans. The end result is organic goats milk formula that is purely wholesome and delicious for your little one. Other brands that sell goats milk formula cannot match this level of goodness. The other brands will also not come from a company that actively practices sustainability by producing CO2 emissions neutral products.

Even though goats milk formula has the same vitamins and minerals as cow's milk formula, there are some variations in amounts. For example, Holle Goat's Milk Stage 1 formula has a little more Vitamin A than Holle Stage 1 made from cow's milk, but the cow's milk version has more folic acid. You may have to discuss supplementation with your pediatrician if you are opting for goat's milk formula for your baby.

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