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How Can You Save Money on Baby Formula?


Babies are a beautiful expense. There are numerous ways to save money when you have a baby. Is your baby formula a place to do that?

When you bring your child into the world, you bring on a new budget for your household. Not only are you paying off your medical bills, but you are also looking at the first year of diapers, equipment, clothing, and so much more.

Of course breastfeeding is the least expensive way to feed your baby before you introduce solids around six months of age. Those little jars of puree are relatively inexpensive, but you can easily make those yourself and save later. Solids will start to feed your baby and fill them up as they are on their way to becoming a toddler.

It is possible to save money on baby formula, but sometimes you have to think about splurging for your baby's benefit. 

Where to Save Money on Baby Formula

One of the best ways to save money on baby formula is to buy in bulk. When you do that with MyOrganicFormula, you find savings in more than one way. First, bulk orders or subscriptions result in savings compared to one-time purchases. You are less likely to run out of formula before the next shipment comes in. Also, as your baby grows, so does their formula intake. You want to be ready for anything. The other benefit of bulk orders is free shipping. On MyOrganicFormula, shipping in the U.S. is free for orders of $50 on up. And it can be at your door in 1 to 5 days.

Where to Splurge Money on Baby Formula

You could use all of the coupons that you get from your hospital or doctor's office. But is that the type of formula you want to feed your little one? The brands that spend the most on advertising and marketing are also the ones that are not organic or use ingredients that are not right for your little one's digestive system. Some of the ingredients may be too sweet or may lead to allergies and food intolerances. Even if the coupons are good for organic brands, what kind of sweetener do they use? Organic sucrose? Organic corn syrup?

Don't compromise on the quality of your baby formula because you can find something cheaper somewhere else. It may be less expensive because it is not using organic ingredients or it has fillers instead of the natural goodness of milk. Yes, lactose can be more expensive to use, but many parents prefer the same kind of sugar that naturally comes from milk.

Where to Weigh In on What Your Baby Needs in Baby Formula

Can you opt to feed your baby Stage 1 formula exclusively for the full twelve months? Absolutely! If you have compared the numbers and you think you can get more bang for your buck by choosing Stage 1 only, it will meet the nutritional requirements for those twelve months. However, your baby may have other developmental requirements that you may not plan on. Stages 2 and 3 are designed to meet your baby's hunger and nutrients that come with growing up. From iron and protein, your baby will get enough from Stage 1, but the other stages will correspond with your child's age better as they get older. Stage 2 starts at age six months while Stage 3 starts at age ten months. Even if you do decide to move up in stages, it can be for less time than Stage 1 so a higher cost may not hurt the budget as much.

Edited and reposted from December 2018

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