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How is Hipp Dutch Different than Other Hipp Products?



When you are ready to purchase Hipp formula, you can select a country of origin. What makes Hipp Dutch different?

Hipp formula comes in a variety of types. It can be Special Comfort for gas and constipation or Anti Reflux for frequent spit ups. One particular baby formula is labeled for one of three countries. Hipp Combiotic is produced for Germany, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands, or Dutch. What makes Hipp Dutch version different for the other two?


Hipp Dutch Combiotic Baby Formula

Hipp Dutch just means that it is a combiotic organic baby formula that is specific to the needs in the Netherlands. In order to address the needs of certain countries in the European Union, Hipp makes it possible to market to those concerns.



Hipp Dutch has probiotics called galactooligosaccharides (GOS). These dietary fibers come from lactose just like it would be found in breast milk. Since your baby's digestive system is still developing, probiotics can help them when it comes to digestion and bowel movements. While GOS is found in the Dutch version of Combiotik Stage 1 and 2, it is not produced in the version for the United Kingdom.



Another difference that Hipp Dutch has from the other versions is starch. Starch is a natural additive that helps your baby feel fuller longer. When your baby grows and demands more food, some parents want this in their baby formula. Others feel that it is unnecessary, especially for newborns, and will look for formula that does not contain starch. None of the Dutch stages contain starch, but the German versions and the UK Hungry Infant version do.


Soy Lecithin

What are your thoughts about soy lecithin? This emulsifier is found in a lot of foods including organic baby formula. It is not found in any of the pre or stage 1 versions of Hipp formula, however it is found in stages 2 and 3 in UK and German formulas. When it comes to Hipp Dutch formula, it is only found in stage 3.



The biggest difference between Hipp Dutch and Hipp UK and Hipp German is the container. UK and German are packaged in boxes between 600 and 800 grams depending on the stage. All of the Hipp Dutch formula stages are packaged in 900g cans. While Dutch formula may seem more expensive, you are getting more per container than the others.

No matter what stage of Hipp Combiotik you pick, you are still getting the best organic baby formula made in Europe. It is healthy and supports your baby's energy as they grow. You have the choice in what you want in your baby's formula, and Hipp Dutch may be the choice for you.

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