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How to Make Bottle Feeding Easier

Your baby will consume gallons of baby formula in the first year.  Make it easier for you with these tips.

There is a life hack for almost everything.  This is true for bottle feeding.  If you have wondered if there is an easier way to feed your baby in a timely manner with less worry about doing it right, there are tips for you. 

“Necessity is the mother of invention”.  This is why we have so many products available that will pre-measure, pre-mix, even independently feed your baby.  Parents have invented new ideas to help today's parent.  Whether it is the kind of investment you want to make is entirely up to you.  However, the investment of time with your little one is where your priorities lie.  For that reason, the time you take before and after your feeding will help you have that kind of time, especially during feedings.

Organization is the Key

Before your baby comes home from the hospital, designate an area in your kitchen for all of the supplies you need.  This includes a cool, dry place for formula, a drying rack for bottles and nipples, and a spot for nipple and bottle brushes.  This way you and your partner know exactly where to find everything you need instead of rummaging through drawers and shelves to find that one item you need while your baby is crying in hunger.

The equipment you use can also help you stay organized.  When you do your baby registry, choose one brand of bottles and stick with it.  Nothing can be more frustrating than finding a nipple ring that belongs to the bottles that are dirty in the sink instead of the clean ones on the counter.  Just like finding the right lid for a storage container, finding the right pieces to the bottle can be annoying when they are not compatible.

Preparation is the Key

If you know that you are going to be away from the house for doctor's appointments of family visits, you want to save time and hassle when it comes to making your baby's next meal.  For this reason, you can pre-portion the powder in individual plastic containers if you do not use ready-to-eat liquid formula.  There are small containers with air-tight lids or you can just use your baby's bottle and add water when it's time to eat.

Pre-portioned bottles are also helpful at night when you are still waking up as you are preparing the nighttime feeding.  Any formula that you mix ahead of time is good in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.  That means you can make it by the bottle or make it by the pitcher. 

Being Proactive is the Key 

As your baby gets older, your little one is less likely to fall asleep after each feeding.  That means they want more of your attention.  If you leave the dirty bottle out too long after feeding, it gets smelly and crusty.  Dump out the unused portion and do a quick rinse of the bottle and nipple.  You can also have a bowl of soapy water for soaking.  That way you can keep them cleaner during the day.  When your partner comes home or your baby is taking a nap, you can take the time to sterilize the bottles and nipples and get them ready for the next day.  It will take less time overall.

Once you get your organized system down, you will find that it is easy to feed your baby.  It will also help those who want to help you out. 

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