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Is Baby Food Healthy for Adults?

If baby food is so good for your little one, is it healthy to be a part of your diet?

Baby food is good and wholesome for your little one, especially if it is organically grown. It is typically fruit and/or vegetable puree and water as well as a few more necessary ingredients for consistency and packaging. It is low in calories and high in nutrition. But can it be a part of a balanced diet as you get older? What about adult? The “Baby Food Diet” has been around since the 1980s. The rules of the diet range from exclusively eating baby food all day to just breakfast and lunch with a sensible dinner at night. It is possible to eat everything from applesauce to turkey and gravy. Yes, adults have lost weight on this diet, but it does not keep the weight off for the long term.

Why Don't Adults Eat Baby Food?

Baby food is made with the baby's digestive system in mind. Breast milk and baby formula are easy to digest and broken down in a way that helps your baby get all of the nutrients needed to grow and develop. Once your baby is about six months old, their system is more developed and ready to try new things such as baby cereal and baby foods. As each food is added to your little one's diet, they are adjusting to a life of food that is higher in fiber, fat, and protein. In fact, their growing body is ready for more. As an adult, you have nutritional needs too. You need the fiber, fat, and protein that is insufficient in baby food for your body. Your digestive system is more developed than your baby's, and it needs whole foods in order to achieve balance. Also, your palate is more developed than your baby's. You may find baby food too bland or boring compared to what you enjoy on a regular basis. You may even miss the mouth feel of chewing, crunching, and biting.


You can eat baby food. In fact, you can eat it if your mouth is wired shut and you cannot chew for a length of time. However, a diet of just baby food will not sustain the right balance of nutrition that your body needs to thrive. You will need that energy in all that you do, especially taking care of your little one.

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