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Is there a chance the products at My Organic Formula get radiation while being transported overseas?

When a family welcomes a new baby into their lives, the first and most important question they face is, “How will we feed our baby?” Naturally, the mother is the best source of nutrition for most babies. However, in those instances when breastfeeding isn’t an option for baby, parents will begin the search for the best source of nutrition for their precious one. This quest many times leads families to consider foreign companies as providers of their child’s first foods. Purchasing directly from overseas leads to the problems of shipping cost and safety. When items are shipped from overseas, they can be subjected to x-ray, irradiation procedures, and the chance that customs will open the packages and tamper with the contents, risking contamination.

Why is irradiation a concern?

Currently, the regulatory agencies in most countries approve the use of certain types of radiation on food and food products. This practice is thought to make the food “safer” by extending its shelf life, and reducing the incidence of microbial and insect manifestations, along with their respective diseases. This sounds like a positive practice, until one considers the possible risks associated with the irradiation of food.

Radiation has several effects on food. It is known to eliminate some of the vitamins contained in food. It also produces byproducts that have been shown in laboratory studies to damage cells and DNA, and increase cancer causing cells. Understandably, parents are concerned about infant formula being exposed to these procedures, and their possibly detrimental health risks.

Unfortunately, the x-raying and irradiation of packages being shipped from overseas is a common practice, as is the opening of those packages by customs officials. Baby formulas being shipped by private individuals hoping to obtain optimal products are not exempt from this procedure. What is the solution for parents seeking radiation free infant formula?

My Organic Formula goes to great lengths to ensure the safest possible shipping procedures for our products!

Lukas, the owner of My Organic Formula, and a concerned father himself, cares deeply about the health and safety of infants and their families. He has contracted two companies for air and sea freight that are reputable and trustworthy. He also ensures that each shipment has the appropriate paperwork and labeling that is necessary to avoid irradiation and tampering of the package contents. Taking it a step further, he travels to Germany and Austria every three weeks to make certain that all the companies with which he does business are operating under appropriate and ethical business practices, ensuring that My Organic Formula maintains the highest level of safety, as well as an adequate supply of the products you love!

Your baby can’t wait for proper nutrition, and neither should you!

In addition to top notch safety standards, My Organic Formula is also able to offer the fastest possible route to receiving the infant formula products you desire! We operate a high-tech warehouse in The Netherlands, Europe and work together with the most reliable courier companies, making us your best possible source for obtaining your baby’s food as quickly as possible, with the highest standard of safety. We understand and share your concerns, and appreciate the trust you put in our company. My Organic Formula is here for YOU!

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