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Lebenswert Formula


What do you know about Lebenswert formula? Learn more about this high quality, organic product. 

Lebenswert bio is a brand of organic baby formula that comes from Germany. Since 2009, it has been a part of the Holle baby food company, also out of Germany. What makes Lebenswert so special and a suitable source of nutrition for your baby?

Lebenswert Follow Strict Organic Guideline 

Lebenswert gets its organic ingredients by farmers who follow Bioland Farming guidelines. The Bioland Association is the largest organic food association in Germany. Bioland only certifies farms, gardens, beekeepers and winegrowers that treat everything from land, animal, and man with value and respect. It shows in the quality of the food that is free of chemicals and synthetic products. From a farm that is 100% based on organic food production to limitations on nitrogen fertilizer, Bioland Farming supports biodiversity of the environment and the community that lives and grows there. These standards exceed the European Union standards for organic foods. In comparison to other biodynamic standards, it is just one level away from the pinnacle of organic farming standards, which is Demeter farm standards.

Lebenswert is an Example of Pure Goodness

When the cows are raised in open pastures that are nurtured, the milk they produce is pure and simple. All of the ingredients that go into the Lebenswert products are just as pure and simple, which makes for a baby formula that is just right for your little one.

Lebenswert Has Everything Your Baby Needs

All baby formula must meet the nutritional needs for infants. This includes vitamins A, C, and D as well as calcium and iron. Your baby needs carbohydrates for energy. Lebenswert Stage 1 uses lactose, which is the same carbohydrate that sweetens breast milk. For older babies six months and up, Stage 2 and Stage 3 use maltodextrin from organic farming in place of lactose.

Lebenswert Has Nothing Your Baby Doesn't Need

There are many things that your baby does not need as their digestive system develops and prepares for solid foods. Lebenswert organic formulas do not have GMOs, chemical or synthetic additives or preservatives, hormones, or antibiotics. It is also gluten free and does not contain soy or peanut ingredients. 

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