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Lebenswert Stage 1



Lebenswert is a part of Holle baby food company. Its Stage 1 formula has many benefits for your baby.

Lebenswert has been a member of the Holle family for a short amount of time, but it has proven itself in the world of European organic baby formulas. There are a number of reasons why it is good for your little one too.


Lebenswert Stage 1 is Full of Organic Goodness

The European Union has strict standard when it comes to their baby food, even organic foods at that. But some of the organic food companies have even higher standards than those expectations. One of the organic groups that exceeds expectations is Bioland Association. Bioland is the largest organic food association working with farmers in all types of agriculture including gardening, beekeeping, and farming. Part of the commitment to Bioland is the adherence to guidelines regarding organic farming. This includes a process that is respectful to the value of the animals, the land, and the farmers. In order to be certified, farmland use must be 100% based on organic food production and a low number of animals per hectare. These guidelines are just an example of rules that are above and beyond those of the European Union.


Lebenswert Stage 1 is Ideal For the First Year

Newborns are born with a delicate digestive system. It is still developing, so they can be sensitive to certain ingredients or prone to spit ups. Lebenswert formula is just right from birth on. You can choose to use it as a supplement to breastfeeding or as the exclusive source of your baby's nutrition. Stage 1 dissolves easily, so it is easy to digest. It is also simple despite your baby's complex needs for nourishment. That simplicity helps it be the right choice for babies with sensitivities or parents who want an organic baby formula that is purely good.


Lebenswert Stage 1 Has What You Want and Not What You Don't

The only carbohydrate used in Lebenswert Stage 1 is organic lactose. It is the same ingredient found in breast milk. It also has the necessary fats, vitamins, and minerals that are required for a healthy baby.

While some organic baby formulas contain omega-3 and omega-6 to boost brain development, Lebenswert Stage 1 does not contain DHA. This means that there is no fish oil or synthetic DHA derived from algae and fungus. The absence of fish oil means that it contains no fish products and the lack of DHA from algae and fungus means that it was not extracted from the neurotoxin solvent called hexane. Other artificial or highly processed ingredients that you will not find in Lebenswert Stage 1 are sweeteners like corn syrup, sucrose, or glucose. Lactose gives Lebenswert its natural sweetness.

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