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Lebenswert Stage 3 Formula



When your baby is growing up but not yet ready for toddler food, Lebenswert Stage 3 formula may be the right nutrition you can give them.

When your baby was first born, they needed nutrition that was easy to digest and gave them all of the vitamins and minerals they needed to develop and grow. Now that they are older and more active, they could use a follow on milk that can keep up with their needs. Lebenswert Stage 3 formula can give them all of the nutrition while it helps them transition to life as a toddler.


When Can You Start On Lebenswert Stage 3 Formula?

Stage 3 is formulated for babies who are at least 10 months of age. Even though your baby is fine with Stage 1 formula that was perfect for exclusive bottle feeding, your baby needs a little bit more for their growing body. This includes vitamins such as A and D. To strengthen your little one's bones and teeth, there is also extra calcium. Your baby can start whole milk when they turn 1, but they can stay on this formula for a little while longer as a complement to their table food.


What Makes Lebenswert Stage 3 Formula Different Than Others?

Lebenswert only uses organic milk from cows that have been raised according to Bioland standards. The Bioland Association has organic guidelines for their farmers that meet or exceed even the strict standards of the European Union's organic standards. You can be assured that this organic formula has all of the natural goodness that you expect from Lebenswert. The ingredients are simple, organic, and does not contain GMOs, chemicals, or additives that are not required for your baby's development.

Lebenswert is part of the Holle company, one of the leaders in organic baby food. Since they have their own high standards for what goes into their food, you can be confident in their choice to partner with another great baby food company. Whether you give your baby Lebenswert Stage 3 in a bottle or in a sippy cup, your baby will have one of the best formulas for their age group.


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