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Lebenswert vs Hipp


Both of these European organic baby formula companies bring high-quality products to consumers. Which one is better?

Team Lebenswert

It has only been a matter of years in which Holle brought Lebenswert into the company. Lebenswert may be one of the newer organic baby formula divisions out of Europe, but it has been able to stand out for its focus on biodynamic agriculture according to the guidelines of Bioland Association. Bioland is the leading certification organization for biodynamic farming. These guidelines are among the strictest of organic farming expectations, and it shows in the quality of their products.

Lebenswert Stage 1 is sweetened with organic lactose. It is the same carbohydrate or sugar that occurs naturally in breast milk. Stages 2 and 3 use organic maltodextrin instead of lactose. Everything else that goes into every container of Lebenswert is organic or required nutritional components such as vitamins and minerals. There is no additional ingredients such as omega-3 or DHA. Lebenswert is all about the quality of the milk and ingredients for pure, natural goodness.

Team Hipp

Hipp has a long history of organic baby food made from biodynamic farming methods. One thing that sets Hipp formula apart from all others is the inclusion of prebiotics and probiotics. Adults can add the bacteria that thrives naturally in the intestines by consuming foods like yogurt or sauerkraut. The addition of food for this bacteria can come from produce such as peas and bananas or just a bowl of oatmeal. Since babies exclusively drink breast milk or baby formula, these foods are not available to them for the first six months. Gut health can be balanced with the right amount of pre- and probiotics like those that are included in Hipp formulas.

Hipp is also sweetened with organic lactose in all of the stages. Organic maltodextrin is not a part of Hipp's general line of formula but may be an ingredient in specialty formulas including Anti-Reflux and Comfort. Maltodextrin is a thickener that can help reduce spit ups and similar gastrointestinal issues. Hipp also uses fish oil and vegetable oil as a source of DHA and ARA, which are long-chain fatty acids that promote brain and vision development. Hipp has a variety of products for different ages and needs such as hypoallergenic and a Good Night formula.

The Best of Both Teams

Lebenswert and Hipp are both excellent choices of organic baby formula for your little one. Both set high standards for their food products so that your child drinks fortified nutrition for their growth and development, and only what comes when there is harmony between the soil, the animals, and the farmers that care for the land.

For some parents, it is the choice between lactose and maltodextrin in the later months. For others, it is the decision to incorporate pre- and probiotics or omega-3 to aid the health and development in their child. These European organic baby formulas meet and exceed the organic guidelines of the European Union. There is nothing synthetic, genetically modified, or toxic for your baby to consume.

Whichever product you choose, you can be certain that you are choosing high-quality, organic nourishment that your baby will love.


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