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Loulouka Puree Pouches

Loulouka Puree Pouches

  • Ready to feed
  • From 6 months on
  • 100% organic fruits and vegetables
  • Zero added sugars or sweeteners
  • Rich in vitamin C
  • Single pack contains 10 pouches
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Vegan

Loulouka pouches are tasty organic fruits and vegetables mashed up finely for young eaters packed in a ready-to-go pouch. Depending on how much your baby is ready to eat in a sitting, you can offer a few spoonfuls or watch them eat it all up. The reclosable cap makes it simple to seal and keep for another feeding.

When is Your Baby Ready for Solids?

When is your little one ready for solids? There are a number of readiness signs:

  • Holding up head independently
  • Sitting up well
  • Interest in chewing and what others around them are chewing
  • Picks up food and brings to mouth

These signs for readiness to eat solids can start as early as 4 months, but it is recommended that infants start around six months in order to boost their nutrient intake.

Tip: All of Loulouka pouches are made with a combination of fruits. Before you offer any of these products to your little one, make sure you have offered these foods individually to ensure that they tolerate them and are not allergic. If you offer, for example, an apple for 3 to 5 days without any reaction, then they are ready for more apples. Then try bananas separately and repeat the process.

Why Choose Loulouka Pouches?

Loulouka understands that parents want the best for their baby. This includes high quality ingredients that are 100% organic without any added ingredients that do not promote their growth and development. Loulouka also include the percentage of puree used in their blends so that you know exactly the balance of ingredients used.

It is important for Loulouka to keep added sugars and sweeteners out of their pouches. When a baby is learning how to eat solid foods, the natural flavors and naturally occurring sugars of the ingredients should be the star, not the added sweetness. Even as your little one is discovering new foods, their digestive system is still developing and maturing, so that is why the list of ingredients are simple.

Loulouka pouches are made in Switzerland with a dedication to quality ingredients that are rich in essential nutrients. There are no GMOs and no fillers. Only yummy foods that your baby will enjoy. In order to preserve the puree, it has been pasteurized and organic lemon juice and ascorbic acid have been added.

Loulouka Pouches

Loulouka My ABC’s 

My ABCs stands for Apple, Banana, and Carrot. It contains 70% apple puree, 20% carrot puree, and 5% banana puree.

Loulouka Oaty Blues

This combination of banana, blueberry, yogurt and oats makes a tasty breakfast or filling snack. It contains 48% yogurt, 43% banana puree, 7% blueberry puree, and oat flour.

Loulouka Mango Tango

It is a fruit and yogurt smoothie for infants that will have flavors dance in their mouth. It contains 35% apple puree, 33% yogurt, 20% banana puree, 10% mango puree, and oat flour.

Loulouka Mandarin Magic

All of the flavors of citrus create magic to your baby’s taste buds. It contains 72% apple puree, 18% banana puree, 5% mandarin juice, and 4.7% orange juice.

Loulouka Strawberry Kiss

This pouch has a kiss of strawberry goodness in every spoonful. It contains 80% apple puree, 15% strawberry puree, and 5% banana puree.

Loulouka Aloha Apple

That touch of pineapple gives the Aloha Apple a hint of the tropics. It contains 57% apple puree, 23% carrot puree, 10% pineapple puree, and 10% banana puree.

How to Use Loulouka Pouches

  • Squeeze puree on a spoon and serve for tasting or eating
  • Mix with infant cereal for a boost of natural sweetness and flavor
  • Combine with chunkier foods for a smooth transition i.e. meats, beans, or steamed veggie

Once opened, refrigerate the pouch for up to 1 day.

Loulouka pouches are a great way to introduce a combination of delicious fruit and vegetable purees to your little one and help them transition to greater organic-eating adventures. Check out all of the flavors and savings on bulk sizes when you click here.

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