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One Ingredient That Makes Organic Baby Formula Close to Breast Milk



While any baby formula will never be as perfect as breast milk, you can look for at least one ingredient that helps it come close.

Baby formula will never be perfect.  That designation is for breast milk.  It is the one infant food that has everything your baby needs in the most natural way.  Baby formula will never have all of the components that allow it to change with your baby and feed your little one with the unique health benefits that cannot be bottled. 

There is one ingredient, however, that can be included in baby formula.  In fact, it is so good for your baby that is it found in stages designed for your newborn at their youngest.


Organic Lactose in Organic Baby Formula

Lactose is also known as milk sugar because it is the carbohydrate found in milk that gives it a delicate sweetness that all babies love.  It is the sugar that fuels your baby and gives them energy.  It contains galactose, which contributes to your baby’s gut health.  Lactose also aids in calcium absorption to build healthy bones in this period in which your baby is growing a lot. 

Some adults are lactose intolerant, which means they have trouble digesting the lactose found in milk.  However, it is rare that a baby has a metabolic issue that prevents them from digesting lactose.  Since it is found in breast milk as well as all other animal milk, it should not be a major problem for most babies.  Digestive issues can be attributed to other problems such as milk protein allergy or irritants that can come from other types of food allergies. 


Organic Baby Formulas with Organic Lactose

Hipp baby formula is an organic baby formula that uses lactose in all stages of its formula.  From birth to toddler milk, lactose is an important ingredient for every baby.  Even Hipp’s special formulas for anti reflux or comfort contain lactose, even if it is less in case of lactose reactions.

Holle and Lebenswert use lactose for its PRE formulas for babies from newborn to about three months old.  This is so that they can drink some of the best organic-certified milk without starchy maltodextrin that may be too difficult for some babies to digest at the earliest age.

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