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Organic Baby Formula: An Alternative for Those Who Can’t Breastfeed


Breastfeeding is best, but there are situations in which it is not an option.  Organic baby formula can be a quality alternative for your little one’s nutrition.

Your baby is important to you.  You know that breastfeeding is the whole package for the health and wellness.  You want the best, but sometimes the best cannot be obtained.

  • Low breast milk supply, which can be as a result from an underlying medical condition
  • Drugs and medication that can pass through breast milk that can be harmful to your baby
  • Infectious diseases from HIV to active tuberculosis that can be transmitted to the baby because of close contact

Don’t forget the parents who foster and adopt babies.  While these parents can still obtain breast milk from organizations such as milk banks, baby formula is a readily available alternative.  When it comes to the decision, organic baby formula is a smart alternative.

Organic Baby Formula with No Artificial Additives

You wanted to breastfeed your baby because it is natural and healthy.  You wanted to make sure that nothing that was synthetic or chemical.  When you choose organic baby formula, you choose a baby formula that is made from all natural ingredients that are raised according to the strictest farming standards.  Cows are raised in meadows and pastures, not barn stalls.  Crops are treated with organic compost and fertilizers rather than synthetic fertilizers and harmful chemicals.

Even the processing and manufacturing of these products do not add anything that doesn’t belong.  Some natural ingredients are produced in harsh ways.  DHA and ARA is important for brain and vision development, but when it is derived from seaweed, it takes an industrial solvent called hexane to make it possible.  Rather than risk the exposure of neurotoxins, high quality organic baby formula can use fish oil.  The ingredients in your baby’s formula do not have to come from a lab, because it is not expected from breast milk.

Organic Baby Formula with Similar Ingredients to Breast Milk

Breast milk is the right combination of sugar, fats, and protein.  It is a balance of vitamins and minerals along with the hydration that is important to produce a happy, healthy baby.  Organic baby formula brings a healthy alternative to breast milk by using the same ingredients found in it. 

Lactose is the carbohydrate that sweetens milk and fuels energy.  It is easy to digest and will be in milk later in life.  However, some baby formulas, even organic baby formulas, use other forms of sugar.  While these forms of sugar are sourced organically, they are not necessary for your baby’s growth and development.  Corn syrup, corn syrup solids, brown rice syrup, they are too sweet for your baby and can lead to issues from childhood obesity to fatty liver disease.  Sucrose and other sweeteners are not allowed according to the organic standards of the European Union, so lactose as well as organic maltodextrin meet the strict guidelines for your baby’s health and nutrition needs.

Organic baby formula like Hipp is special because it has its similarities to breast milk.  Hipp Combiotic uses galactooligosaccarides fibers from lactose for its prebiotic properties.  Along with natural lactic acid culture for a probiotic, your baby has similar, natural ingredients to aid gut health.


If you are not able to breastfeed your baby, you can choose an organic alternative that is high quality and focused on the health and wellness of your baby.  Nothing can be exactly like breast milk.  Organic baby formula is a great alternative, and you have a number of choices. With ingredients similar to breast milk and no additives, you can be confident in what goes into your baby's bottle. 

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