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Organic Baby Formula and Eczema


If your baby is suffering from itchy, red rashes on the body, it can be a result of eczema. What your baby eats can affect it. 

Babies are sensitive and delicate from the beginning, but some babies are prone to allergies more than others.

What Causes Eczema in Babies? 

A baby's skin with eczema is typically red and irritated with crusty patches. While you may expect this in the diaper area, eczema can occur all over the body, particularly the cheeks and joints. This can occur in the first few months.

Babies can develop eczema if at least one of their parents has eczema. Many parents who deal with their baby's eczema found that it was triggered by certain foods including dairy, soy, wheat, fish, or nuts.

Can Breastfed Babies Have Eczema?

Breast milk is best for every baby because it can boost their immune system. An overactive immune system is sensitive to allergens that cause its reactions such as irritated skin and red rashes. However, if your baby is reacting to foods that you consume and pass through your breast milk, they can have episodes of eczema. If you are nursing your baby, you can keep a food journal and see if what you eat has a consistent reaction in your baby's eczema.

Can Formula-Fed Babies Have Eczema?

If your baby has an allergy to any of the ingredients in baby formula, then it can affect their eczema. One solution for a milk allergy is a hydrolyzed protein formula. The proteins that may cause the reactions are broken down in this formula, so that the immune system does not have as big of a reaction and the irritation is minimized. Hipp Hypoallergenic formula is an example of this kind of formula. Holle Goat Milk formula has smaller proteins and less casein that is easier to digest, but it may not offer the same solution for moderate to severe cases.

Organic baby formula can also benefit babies with eczema because it has less synthetic ingredients and exposure to chemicals. When it comes to caring for a baby with eczema, you want to make sure that their skin does not dry out or get even more irritated by synthetic fabrics, artificial soaps with perfumes and dyes. Organic baby formula has all natural ingredients so that it is gentle on every baby from the inside out, even your little one with eczema.



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