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Should My 12-Month Old Drink Formula?

When your baby turns one, there are many milestones they can meet.  You may wonder when you can stop giving your baby formula.

If your little one is having a first birthday, congratulations!  They have grown so much and tried many new things, especially in the past few months.  They may be enjoying new foods, and that is important because solids should become the primary source of good nutrition.  This is also the age in which pediatricians suggest switching to whole milk. 

Why Should I Start Giving My 12-Month Old Whole Milk?

When you were counting your little one's age by months, their digestive system was still developing.  It was too soon to offer cow's milk because it is too high in proteins and minerals for their kidneys.  It is also lacking in iron and vitamin C for their age and development.  By the time your baby is one, their meals consist more of cereals, fruits, vegetables, and meats.  These foods help balance the total nutrition they need.

Is it Ok to Keep Giving My 12-Month Old Formula?

Some parents look forward to weaning their baby off of formula because the expense compared to whole milk.  Some children take longer to adjust to milk.  There can be a reluctance to taste.  If your baby is underweight or possibly anemia, the extra nutrition will benefit your little one during this transitional stage.


There is no exact time when your baby should stop formula.  The most important thing is to focus on meeting your little one's nutritional needs.  You can serve milk with every three meals, but if they are still hungry or you want to supplement their nutrition, you can offer a sippy cup on its own.  Also, if you are not sure if baby formula is right for your toddler, consider a formula made for children up to age 24 months.

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