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Supplementing Breast Milk with Organic Baby Formula


If you are going to supplement your baby’s perfect food, make sure that you choose something as natural as you.

Nature made it possible for mothers to feed their young as soon as they are born.  It is the perfectly balanced, complex food called breast milk.  As science has been able to gain knowledge about the complexity of breast milk, they have a greater understanding of the benefits of the milk that changes as your baby’s dietary need change.  It also benefits the mother from contracting the uterus to its pre-pregnancy size to reducing the risk of certain cancers.

As natural as breastfeeding is, it does not come as naturally to some mothers.  There are troubles latching, milk production, or medical reasons why nursing is not feasible.  Rather than feel guilty when you can only pump two ounces at a time, be proud that you can still give your baby the health advantages that just doesn’t come in a commercial formula.  Need more proof? 

Why Supplement Breast Milk with Organic Baby Formula?

You can choose from a variety of baby formulas on the market today.  Many report that they are close to breast milk.  Many have ingredients that are found in breast milk.  But if it is not organic, you may find that there are components in the formula that your baby does not need. 

  • Processed sugars such as sucrose, corn syrup or corn syrup solids that are connected to childhood obesity and its related diseases
  • Neurotoxins such as carrageenan that is a natural thickener found in many foods
  • Antibiotics or steroids that are passed through milk from treated cows
  • Synthetic ingredients that can cause irritations or allergic reactions

Supplementing Breast Milk with Organic Baby Formula Can Prevent Hospital Readmission

A 2018 study in The Journal of Pediatrics looked at early limited formula on breastfeeding and the hospital readmission of babies.  Some babies were exclusively breastfed in the first few days after birth, some were supplemented with baby formula until the mother’s milk came in.  In some cases, babies are readmitted to the hospital because of hyperbilirubinemia, or a blood condition that causes jaundice and dehydration.

The study found that the babies who received 10 ml of formula after breastfeeding for the first few days, then discontinued after mother’s milk production came in were better off because they had a lower incidence of readmission.  These mothers may have started with issues such as painful latch, difficulty latching, low milk supply, or antibiotics during c-section that would have passed to the newborn.  As much as mothers want to exclusively breastfeed, it is important to them that their child does not suffer from hunger, dehydration, or even conditions such as jaundice.

Supplementing Breast Milk with Organic Baby Formula Can Help Mother’s Mental Health

When you want to exclusively breast feed your baby and your milk production is affected, the stress can be overwhelming.  Not only is there internal struggles with your strong desire to feed your baby, but there are also external pressures that some mothers may feel.  Doctors, nurses, lactation consultants, even family members may add to feelings of guilt.  The stress can affect your health and the health of your baby.  This is also a period in which postpartum depression can develop.

This is a time in your life in which you want to enjoy your little one.  When you supplement breast milk with organic baby formula, you know that your baby is nourished with the vitamins and minerals that will help them grow and thrive.  If you nurse, then finish with organic formula, you are still bonding with your baby.  It is ideal for your baby’s health and your health as well.

Which Organic Baby Formula is Best for Supplementing with Breast Milk?

European organic baby formulas are not breast milk, but they have been feeding babies for decades with ingredients from biodynamic farming practices.  The care that goes into each container is transferred to your little one.  The difference is which one is important to you and what you want for your baby.


Hipp Organic baby formula uses organic lactose, the same type of sugar in breast milk, for every stage.  It also has prebiotics and probiotics to aid gut health. 


Holle Organic comes in both cow milk and goat milk.  It only uses Demeter-certified organic ingredients which surpass the organic guidelines of the European Union. 


Lebenswert is a part of Bioland, the largest organic food organization in Germany.  Their high quality milk is the star of their formulas without unnecessary additives.

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