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The Benefits of Hipp Comfort

The Benefits of Hipp Comfort



Colic, constipation, gas. When your baby suffers, it affects both of you. If your newborn is in need of comfort, Hipps Comfort formula may bring ease.

Babies cry when they are uncomfortable. This could be a wet or dirty diaper, hunger, or just a need to be held. However, about 20-25% of babies cry for more than three hours for at least three days a week for a minimum period of three weeks. These episodes can be draining on a parent when the baby is inconsolable.

There are a number of ways to treat a baby in order to calm them down, but often the problem may be due to abdominal pain. Babies are born with digestive systems that need to develop. They are likely to have gas, constipation, and even colic when they have a difficult time digesting their food. When the primary source of nutrition is breast milk or baby formula, it does limit the choices that you can feed your baby in order to give them relief. Babies who are breastfed are less likely to have colic, but it is not impossible. Luckily there is a baby formula option for immature digestive systems.


How Does Hipp Special Comfort Help Babies with Colic?

Hipp is a European organic baby food company that has a unique formula that meets your baby's nutrition requirements while providing a means of relief from constipation, gas, and colic. It is not meant for every baby for every stage of their first year. It is for special medical purposes, so you should speak with your baby's pediatrician about these concerns.

Hipp is special because it addresses the possible causes of your baby's colic as it may vary from child to child.


Reduced Lactose Content

Lactose is the carbohydrate or energy source that is in breast milk and most of Hipp's formulas. However, lactose can be associated with colic. Sometimes your baby does not produce enough of the enzyme called lactase that breaks down lactose. Hipp has reduced the amount of lactose and uses more of the carbohydrate maltodextrin instead. That way your baby still gets the energy source needed, but without the discomfort. Over time, your baby will start to produce their own lactase. Until then, your baby will still be able to eat with less issues.


Hydrolyzed Proteins

Babies who suffer from milk protein allergies have abdominal discomfort. Conventional baby formulas have hydrolyzed proteins, which means that they break down the proteins into smaller pieces so that it is easier for your baby to digest. Easier digestion means less reaction or discomfort. The problem with conventional baby formula is that it smells unpleasant and your baby may not be as keen on drinking their formula. Hipp's formula is organic and already tastes and smells better, and it doesn't add extra sugars or sweeteners to mask the aroma.


Prebiotics and Probiotics

When it comes to digestion, sometimes it is the intestinal flora that impacts your baby's ability to digest their food. Hipp uses prebiotic fibers galactooligosaccharides as well as lactic acid, a probiotic, to help with digestion and gut health. This helps your baby from the inside while reducing the gas. It is also a stool softener so that your baby is not constipated and straining to move their bowels.

Colic is temporary. As your baby gets older and the digestive system is able to digest better on its own, the colic symptoms will resolve themselves around 4-6 months of age. That is why Hipp Comfort is ideal for those first few months before returning to a more conventional formula such as Hipp Stage 1 or Stage 2. The Combiotic formulas still contain prebiotics to maintain a healthy gut.

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