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The Goodness of Goat Milk Formula


When your baby is already showing symptoms of an allergic reaction to food, you may want to consider goat milk formula. 

Goat's milk is the dairy of choice in many parts of the world. About 65% of the world drink goat's milk because one goat can make enough for the family that raises it. This is ideal when there is little space, no refrigeration, and few resources to feed the animal in the first place. For those who have lactose intolerance, goat milk is a good source of the same nutrients as cow's milk but with less lactose molecules.

Your baby can benefit from goat milk formula without having to keep a nanny goat in the back yard. Holle produces goat milk formula for all stages of your young child's feedings. The natural goodness of goat milk combined with Holle's biodynamic farming standards means great quality.

Why Choose Goat Milk Formula? 

One advantage that goat milk has over cow milk is that the protein is easier to digest. This is because goat milk protein is smaller and softer, allowing it to digest faster. Infants who spit up frequently do not have as difficult of a time digesting and keeping their goat milk formula down.

The research is still out when it comes to the advantages of goat milk formula for babies with allergies. While goat milk casein still contains allergenic proteins and lactose, it is in smaller quantities than cow milk formula. Smaller amounts means less reactions, and a parent of a sensitive child can appreciate that. It is important to consult with your pediatrician about dietary changes, especially in regards to allergies or intolerances.

Goat milk formula has similar calories, vitamins and minerals as cow milk because it must meet the requirements for your baby's nutritional needs.

Why Choose Holle Goat Milk Formula? 

Holle makes its goat milk formula according to the highest standards of organic farming. The company uses small local farms in Germany for its goat milk production. These farms are certified Demeter quality, meaning they meet the guidelines of raising goats in the most humane, natural way possible. The ingredients used in the products allow it to be labeled 99% organic.

All of this organic goodness means that there is no added sugar like brown rice syrup, preservatives, or colors. Organic maltodextrin and lactose are the ingredients that give this milk a touch of sweetness and the energy your baby needs. For those who are sensitive to gluten or wheat products, Holle goat milk formula does not contain those ingredients. Your baby does not need a diet with GMO foods or added fluoride, and you will not find these in this formula.

Goat milk formula can be your baby's first formula, the formula you use to wean off of breastfeeding, or the milk used to mix those first cereals. However you use it, your baby will benefit from all of the organic, satisfying goodness that is easy to digest and enjoy.


Edited and reposted from July 2018

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