August 21, 2019

Holle Formula English Translation

When you get your package of Holle formula, it will be in German. What do these words mean?

Holle is a product of Germany, therefore the labels will also be in German. Labeling is one of the major reasons why the FDA does not approve the sale of this product on store shelves. However, you can still find all of the stages of Holle and Holle goat milk formulas through reputable organic baby formula retailers like MyOrganicFormula.

Most of the box is already translated for you on the website. When you click on the product of choice, you will find ingredients, allergen declarations, serving and mixing instructions, and so much more. Ready to make a connection between individual words on the packaging? Let this lesson be helpful when you are looking at a box and your translation program is not close at hand.

German Words on the Holle Packages

Bio organic
Anfangsmilch first milk
Anfangsmilch auf Ziegenmilchbasis
first milk made from goat's milk
follow on milk
Zum Zufüttern geeignet suitable for feeding
Zur alleinigen Flaschenernährung
for exclusive bottle feeding
Nur Laktose enthalten
contains only lactose
Mit Demeter-Milch aus Süddeutschland
with Demeter milk from southern Germany
Wichtig: Stillen ist das Beste für ihr Baby
Important: Breastfeeding is the best for your baby
einfache Zubereitung
easy to prepare
von Geburt an
from birth on
nach dem 6. Monat
after 6 months old
ab dem 10. Monat
from 10 months old
ab dem 12. Monat
from 12 months old
Nachhaltig von Anfang an
sustainable, right from the start


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