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What is Normal Baby Weight Gain?


Your baby's doctor always looks at your baby's weight gain at each appointment. How much weight gain is good?

Did you know that if your baby grew as fast in the first nine months of life as they did while in utero, your baby would weigh more than the entire elephant population put together? Who would want to change those diapers? Thankfully your baby grows at just the right pace for humans. Since baby weight gain is an important part of your child's pediatrician visits, you may start to wonder exactly how much your baby should gain during the first year of life.

Each baby is different. Preemies have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to weight just as big babies do not have to gain as much over time. As long as your baby is eating their fill, you can expect a steady weight gain.

Does Infant Formula Affect Baby Weight Gain?

Breastfed babies can gain weight faster than those who are fed baby formula. This can occur in the first two months, but then it slows down after that. Either way, both types of nutrition help your baby grow at the rate that comes naturally to them.

How Much Baby Weight Gain is Normal?

There are many factors that contribute to your baby's weight gain. From what you feed them to genetics, any chart would be a rough guideline rather than a definitive answer. If you are still curious, here is a guide for the average baby.

The First Month

You will remember your baby's birth weight for years to come. In the first few days, you may be concern that they actually lose weight. This is normal and they will regain those ounces until they return to that birth weight. When broken down, your newborn will gain up to an ounce a day.

One Month to Four Months Old

Your baby has more of an appetite, and that will reflect in their weight gain. On average, a baby will gain up to two pounds a month.

Six Months Old

You will be amazed if you see that your little one is now twice the weight from that starting birth weight. As they get more active rolling, scooting, and getting ready to crawl, that baby fat will develop into muscle. 

12 Months Old

When your baby becomes a toddler, you may find that they may have tripled their birth weight. You can feel the difference when you pick them up or how you can hold them. From newborn to toddler, their growth will remind you how far they have come.

Your baby will indicate if they are still hungry or may have symptoms that can explain why they are not gaining weight like the doctor would want to see. If there is an issue, your pediatrician can help you determine what the next step will be. Otherwise, keep feeding your baby and watch them grow little by little.

Reposted from December 2018

Photo: Christian Bowen 

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