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What Makes Holle Baby Formula Different?



Parents want something that is good for their child, and sometimes “different” can mean that it is better.

Holle baby formulas has been around for decades. In fact, the company has been using biodynamic farming techniques that makes it stand out from all of the rest.


What Does it Mean to be a Demeter Company?

Demeter certification is a big deal for Holle baby formula. In fact, Holle is a pioneer of biodynamic food cultivated according to Demeter guidelines. For one thing, the growers focus more on the natural cycle of cultivation than just the end product. The soil is fertilized with natural compost and not worn down in a way that depletes it of its nutrients. There are no herbicides or insecticides that can leech into the food or the environment. The animals are raised in their natural environment, so you will find the cows and goats more in open meadows than in farm stalls. They are also never treated with growth hormones or antibiotics. Even though Holle is a large company, this is still a focus on the quality of the product as much as the quantity. With all of this attention to detail, Holle also ensures that there are no chemical additives, preservatives, or ingredients that can impact the product during the processing stages.

Biodynamic farming has been around since the 1920s, and it has been a part of Holle's baby foods for almost as long. Not only did the company want to give the best to the children, but also give back to nature. This means working with Demeter certified farmers and consistently monitoring for quality and processing. These high expectations means that Holle baby formula and its line of organic baby food products meet or exceed European organic standards. Today Holle is produced in Germany and Switzerland but shipped to families all over the world.


Why Does Holle Focus on Sustainability?

As a company that produces organic foods for babies, they also make it their responsibility to focus on sustainability. It is that kind of forward thinking 85+ years ago that remains a big part of the company's core values today. Rather than think about expanding at any cost, Holle does what it can to be as environmentally-friendly as its products. One way that it does this is through its work to compensate for CO2 emissions that occur during organic formula production. Goat milk formula production has been climate-neutral and the porridge and milk cereals are CO2 neutral, all within the past decade.


Why Choose Holle Baby Formula?

The difference that Holle has in the large market of baby formula is the organic goodness that goes into your baby and the organic goodness that impacts the world around your baby. All of Holle's baby formulas, both cow milk and goat milk, are 99% organic. It is fortified to help your baby grow and thrive. It has no GMOs or refined sugars, just organic milk and maltodextrin that balances the natural sweetness. It can also inspire you to be different in a positive way.


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