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What Makes Organic Baby Formula Better?


Conventional formula is safe to eat, so what makes organic baby formula better?

The safety of foods grown, manufactured, and processed in the United States is regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).  They are responsible for creating guidelines of the farming techniques to ensure that the food people consume is not contaminated, is packaged correctly for ingredients and allergens, so much more.  The same organization also provides the organic seal for products that meet the standards of the levels of percentage of organic ingredients.

Baby formula can come from both conventional and organic farms.  The ingredients used in both kinds of products are similar in the fact that they use the same type of ingredients and are just as nutritious.  Calorie to calorie, the average person cannot tell a difference between the two types of products.  So what is the difference that makes organic baby formula better?

Organic Baby Formula is Better for the Environment

Organic baby formula is made according to agriculture practices that protect the environment rather than poison it.  Rather than spray synthetic, toxic pesticides that leave a residue on produce, organic farmers use natural deterrents that are plant-based.  One example is pyrethrin that comes from the chrysanthemum flower.  Instead of putting synthetic fertilizer in the soil that can strip its nutrients, organic methods focus on natural ways to boost crops and plant health. 

The baby formulas available on MyOrganicFormula are all made from European ingredients that are grown according to biodynamic farming practices.  The goal of these farmers is to produce high-quality crops and lifestock that lives in harmony with the environment.  The care and nurturing that goes into these techniques mean more natural ingredients for your baby’s first foods.

It goes even beyond the farming communities.  Hipp, Holle, Lebenswert, and Loulouka are known for their commitment to sustainability.  Hipp and Holle in particular strive to maintain a carbon neutral factory to offset the carbon emissions.  Not all organic food companies can boast about that, but a start is better than the other alternatives. 

Organic Baby Formula is Better for Your Baby

Your baby is growing and developing in so many ways during this first year.  What they consume is important to ensuring that they have a strong immune system, optimal brain and vision development, and the beginning of a healthy lifestyle.  By providing your baby with organic baby formula, you are helping them achieve that way of life.  Many of the toxins that come from pesticides and herbicides affect the nervous system.  This exposure can potentially harm your baby from early onset of allergies to developmental delays that are evident when they start school. 

Organic Baby Formula Tastes Better

Organic baby formula is made from natural ingredients with fewer ingredients that can affect the flavor of the product.  As mentioned before, the ingredients meet the dietary needs of every baby.  However, the lack of synthetic ingredients or added flavors, colors, or preservatives take away from the delicious taste that comes from all-natural, organic foods.  Lebenswert keeps their formula simple so that the flavor shines through, not anything artificial.  As the palate develops, it will be more interested in those natural flavors rather than overly-sweet, processed sugars.  It is the foundation of a healthy, balanced diet that you can share with your little one.

Edited and reposted from December 2018


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