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When Should You Consider Holle PRE?


European organic baby formula such as Holle is some of the best you can give for your baby. Is there a difference between PRE and Stage 1? 

Holle PRE is an organic baby formula from Germany that is made at the highest level of organic goodness. While Holle meets all of the requirements needed to nourish your baby, when should you consider using it compared to Holle Stage 1?

What Does Holle Organic Baby Formula Have?

Both Holle PRE and Stage 1 have high quality, organic ingredients. One major reason is that Holle grows its ingredients following the Demeter standard of agriculture. It is the highest certification of biodynamic farming.

Both products are suitable for newborns because they do not contain starch. Many parents prefer the absence of starch for newborns because it is sometimes used as a filler so that babies are satisfied for longer periods after feedings.

The Right Age for Holle PRE

Holle PRE is designed for newborns from birth to six months of age. This is slightly different from Holle Stage 1 which is ideal for newborns from birth to 12 months. 

The Choice of Ingredients for Holle PRE 

Holle PRE uses lactose as the complex carbohydrate. This is different from Stage 1 that uses maltodextrin. Even though maltodextrin is organic and a good source of energy, some parents would prefer the organic lactose as it is found in breast milk.

Also, Holle PRE gets more of the fat from milk fat. Many baby formulas use vegetable oils. There are still vegetable oils used as a source of fat in Holle PRE, but not as much as other brands.

Holle PRE Compared to Other PRE Formulas 

If you want to compare Holle PRE to other PRE formulas, you can compare it to another leader in European organic baby formula: Hipp. Hipp PRE from Germany is certified organic by the European Union. It is recommended for infants from birth to age six months. Hipp also uses ingredients from farms that practice biodynamic agriculture.

The difference is in the other ingredients that are found in Hipp PRE. Their formula contains prebiotics and probiotics for gut health. Organic fats include palm oil, Omega-3 ALA vegetable oil, DHA fish oil, and Omega 6.

Holle PRE is a strong choice for your baby's nutrition if you are not breastfeeding. All you have to do is compare and see the difference.

Edited and reposted from July 2018

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