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Which Holle Formula is Best for Newborns?


Some of the best organic baby formula like Holle comes from Europe. Which stage is best for newborns?

Newborns have a special need when it comes to what they eat. Breast milk is perfect for their delicate stomachs, but not every parent is able to nurse. Infant formulas model themselves as close to breast milk as possible. Organic infant formulas ensure that their ingredients meet strict standards so that the most natural ingredients nourish them from the inside out.

Holle has been making organic infant foods for decades. They only use ingredients that meet or exceed Demeter certification. Demeter-quality means that the organic biodynamic farming practices respect the balance between soil, plant, animal, and humans who all share the community. It is more than just farming the land or ensuring that there is grass for the cows to eat. It is about maintaining the environment so that it is healthy and balanced for years to come.

Holle's experience means that they know a lot about feeding infants. There are three choices that meet your newborn's nutritional needs.

Holle PRE

Holle PRE is the only product in their organic formula line that uses lactose as the only source of carbohydrate. Lactose is the natural sugar found in breast milk. By using lactose, there is no starch, which can be more difficult for your newborn to digest. Also, PRE uses the fat that comes naturally in the Demeter-quality milk in a larger proportion than the vegetable fat that is used in other baby formulas. Since about half of breast milk is made up of fat, the use of the fat in the milk is a good balance.

Holle PRE is made for infants from newborn to six months.

Holle Stage 1

Holle Stage 1 is a great choice for newborns because it is made from 99% organically grown ingredients that meet Demeter standards. It is easy to digest, which is important for a newborn's immature digestive system. The difference between PRE and Stage 1 is that organic maltodextrin is the carbohydrate used instead of lactose. This natural thickening agent balances the sweetness of the milk without adding sugar.

Holle Stage 1 is made for infants from newborn to six months.

Holle Goat Milk Stage 1

Holle also offers Stage 1 baby formula made from goat milk. Just like regular Holle, the goat milk variety is made according to Demeter-quality standards with 99% organically grown ingredients. There are no artificial ingredients, GMOs, pesticides, hormones, or additives that can impact your baby's growth and development. It is still a dairy product, which is important for babies who are allergic to milk. Like Stage 1, it does contain organic maltodextrin, but it also has lactose. Some parents opt for goat milk because the milk proteins are smaller so it is easier for babies to digest.

Holle Goat Milk Stage 1 is made for infants from newborn to six months.

Edited and reposted from October 2018

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