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Which Organic Baby Formula is Better for Babies with Allergies?

Which Organic Baby Formula is Better for Babies with Allergies?



Babies are delicate, and if they have allergies, they need special care.  There is a formula that is right for them.

If you live with allergies, you know how annoying it can be.  Some people may see the limits, but others see that there is something out there for their particular needs.  There are many ways to adapt to a world with allergies so that you can still enjoy everything else.  When you can find a high quality product that makes everything better, you want to shout it to the world. 

That is why it is good to share better choices for your baby.  Some allergies are episodes they will grow out of.  Others are a start to a new normal.  The path to organic foods can start for your baby with their first bottle of formula.


Why Organic Baby Formula for Allergies?

An allergy is an immune response to something in the body.  It can range from seasonal pollen that was inhaled or components of a particular food.  Reactions can be as mild as a skin irritation to as extreme as difficulty breathing or swallowing.

The choice to feed your baby organic baby formula means that you are choosing nutritious foods that focus on how the ingredients are grown and processed.  Organic foods are grown in fields that are nourished with compost rather than fertilizer.   Cows and goats that make the milk are fed natural grass from the fields than feed that is treated with hormones and antibiotics.  By removing the synthetic materials that can leach into your baby’s food, you are taking away toxins that can lead to allergic reactions.


What is a Common Food Allergy for Babies?

One particular food allergy that babies may be diagnosed with is milk protein allergy.  It is different than lactose intolerance because the body is reacting to the protein, not the lactose which is a carbohydrate.  This can lead to tummy troubles from gas and bloating to constipation or diarrhea.  One way to improve your baby’s digestion without taking away their primary source of nutrition is to hydrolyze, or break down, the proteins in milk.  This makes it easier to digest and causes minimal, if any, reactions in the body.

Traditional formula has hydrolyzed formulas for babies with milk protein allergies.  The problem is often that it smells bad and has extra sugar to make it more tolerable to your baby. 


Which Organic Baby Formulas are Better for Babies With Allergies?

Hipp Hypoallergenic (HA) formula is designed especially for babies who are sensitive and have a difficult time digesting traditional formula.  Hipp HA is hydrolyzed so that the milk proteins are smaller and easier to digest.  However, it only uses organic lactose, not refined sugars or syrups that are often too sweet for babies.  Organic baby formula in the EU does not use glucose or sucrose as these can lead to childhood obesity later in life.

Hipp HA also contains prebiotic oligosaccharides and probiotic natural lactic acid to promote gut health for your baby.  Anything that can naturally help aid digestion can help your baby with some of their other digestion issues.  Hipp HA comes in PRE for newborns and can follow your baby up to their toddler years when they may have grown out of their milk protein allergy.

Another option may be Holle Goat Milk formula.  Goat milk naturally has smaller milk proteins than cow milk and is easier to digest.  Holle also uses organic maltodextrin as a thickener that balances the natural sweetness of the milk.  This can be ideal for the few babies that are actually lactose intolerant.  You would have to speak with your child’s pediatrician or allergist to see if goat milk formula is right for your baby.

All of these formulas are gluten free and are 99% certified organic with ingredients that are raised on biodynamic farms.  Through the process that respects the soil, crops and animals, you can be assured that the organic baby formula of your choice will create reactions of smiles and satisfaction instead of tears and discomfort.

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