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Why Can't I Find My Favorite Organic Baby Formula at Target?



Hipp, Holle, and Lebenswert are not available on store shelves. What gives?

If you are looking for your favorite European organic baby formulas, you won't find it on the shelves at Target or any other store.  You can find French cheeses, German beers, and Swiss chocolates, but not European formulas?  Why not?


Organic Baby Formula and FDA Approval

When it comes to the manufacturing and distribution of infant formula, everything in the U.S. must go through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  They are responsible for the nutrition, quality, and safety of these materials.  Food distributors must also comply with labeling guidelines.  While Hipp UK may be in English, it does not meet those guidelines for U.S. stores.


Organic Baby Formula Through Online Retailers

You can find your favorite organic baby formulas through online retailers, but not all of them are as reputable as MyOrganicFormula.  By using authorized wholesalers, you can be sure that the product you order is everything you expect in quality and safety.  You can also know that it will not be irradiated upon arrival into the country.  

While some organic baby formulas on the shelves have coupons, you can find even more savings by buying in bulk.  It keeps costs down for the special formula for your special little one.  It even reduces the amount of time you need to spend shopping in stores and more time taking care of your baby.


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