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Why Holle Goat Milk Formula?


If you have not heard about Holle Goat Milk Baby formula, you may be missing out on all of its benefits.

Baby formula does not have to be made from cow’s milk, nor does it have to come from soybeans.  Holle’s Demeter-certified cow milk formula is a leader in organic baby formula, but they also have a goat milk formula.  If you love goat milk or you know some of the benefits of goat milk, it may become your baby’s next favorite formula.

Benefits of Holle Goat Milk Formula 

Easy to Digest

When compared side to side, cow milk and goat milk are very similar.  They both have the nutrients required for a healthy baby.  When made into baby formula, they are both fortified and made to be digestible since whole milk is too much for your baby to handle at this period of their life.  What makes goat milk stand out is that it is easier to digest than cow milk based on its milk protein and fat content. 

The milk protein in goat milk is smaller and softer compared to cow milk.  Since your baby’s digestive system is still developing even after birth, this makes it easier for them to digest with fewer incidents of gas, bloating, diarrhea, and other issues.  It is quite common for babies to have a milk protein allergy during their first year.  For mild allergies, a smaller milk protein that has not been hydrolyzed may alleviate symptoms.

Another way that goat milk is easier to digest is its smaller milk fat.  Fat is important in a baby’s diet, and goat milk has more short- and medium-chain fatty acids compared to cow milk.  Smaller milk fat means easier to digest for your little one. 

Less Potential Allergens

Parents will opt for organic baby formula because it does not contain chemicals or synthetic ingredients that can create allergic reactions such as colic, constipation, or even eczema.  With an easy-to-digest formula with smaller milk proteins and fat, your baby’s body may not have as severe reactions as they would with the larger proteins and fats in cow milk.  All your baby gets is the proper nutrition they need to grow and thrive without the discomfort they don’t need.  Your baby will be happy and so will you.

Demeter-Certified Organic

The European Union has strict guidelines about organic foods, especially in regards to baby foods.  Since 1933, Holle, a Swiss company, has been taking biodynamic agriculture to the highest level possible.  In order to be considered for Holle products like goat milk baby formula, all of the farms must meet the specific criteria to produce organic, raw products that have been grown without chemical processes or preservatives.  No GMOs, no toxins, no processed sugars, and no organic ingredients that may be too harsh for your baby’s delicate system.  Not only are the ingredients treated with respect, but so is the environment where it is grown.

While there are other goat milk formulas or organic goat milk formulas on the market, you will be hard-pressed to find anything that comes to the level of quality that is found in Holle Goat Milk formula.  And as your baby grows, you can stay with Stage 1 from birth on or move up to Stages 2 or 3 for a hungrier baby who can benefit from all of its goodness.

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