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Why is Swiss Milk Better for Baby Formula?

Europe produces high quality, organic baby formula. What makes ingredients like Swiss milk better?

Organic baby formula starts with premium milk. The cows in Europe that produce this milk meet strict guidelines based on biodynamic agricultural practices. This includes animal husbandry, grass-fed in open pastures, and no chemicals or antibiotics that can be passed through to the milk. These are just a few ways that organic milk is placed at a higher standards of milk production.

Most of the European baby formulas that we offer use milk from Germany. Loulouka is a European organic baby formula company that only uses Swiss milk. What is really the difference?

Swiss Dairy Farms are Smaller

On average, a Swiss dairy farmer owns 23 cows. It does not seem like a lot, but it does provide plenty of room to graze whether the farm is in the alpine region or the flatlands. Exercise is not a problem with this much space. Their pastures of grass, clover, and other greens that contribute nutrients to their milk can keep up with the demand. Farmers can also pay close attention to their cows’ health and well-being. An abundant supply of clean water is necessary as milk is mostly made up of water.

Swiss Cows are Bred for Great Milk

The Swiss are passionate about their milk, so breeding Swiss cows is important to their craft. There are strict guidelines to animal husbandry that contribute to the health and animal welfare as well as optimum milk production. 

What Makes Swiss Milk Special in Loulouka?

Loulouka designed its infant formula around the best ingredients and methods for optimal baby nutrition. Not only is Swiss milk organic, but it also must pass through strict quality standards before it can even be used in products. That assurance of quality is important to the parents that produce Loulouka as well as the customers who buy it for their babies.

Loulouka, however, does something different with their milk compared to other formulas. Rather than use skimmed milk, Loulouka used whole Swiss milk. Through their years in research, the company understands that milk fat is important in a baby’s growth and brain development. Along with other premium ingredients, Loulouka stands out for its quality for infant nutrition.

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