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Will Baby Formula Dissolve in Cold Water?



Do you ever get into a scientific debate as to what temperature will dissolve your baby's formula? Is it cold or is it warm?

No one like chunky milk, so when you are making your baby's bottles, you want to make sure that the formula in the bottle is completely dissolved so that it is not highly concentrated in powder and easy to flow through the nipple. There is a science to this answer when it comes to dissolving substances such as baby formula.


Does Baby Formula Dissolve in Cold Water?

The answer is yes. Of course it will dissolve because baby formula is created to break down in liquid. Does it dissolve faster in cold water than hot water? No.


Why Does Baby Formula Dissolve Faster in Hot Water?

It all comes down to energy. The water molecules have a higher level of kinetic energy when it is hot than when it is cold. Think about the bubbles that are created when you boil a pot of water. This level of energy makes substances that are in the water dissolve faster than when the water is colder.


Why Should You Prepare Baby Formula with Hot Water?

This answer goes beyond the time it takes to dissolve a solution. Powdered baby formula and follow-on milk have a higher risk of bacteria than ready-to-eat and liquid concentrate. The use of boiled will kill off any bacteria that may be in your baby's formula. These directions are required on baby formula made in Europe by the European Food Safety Authority, which is why you will see it on every label from products found here at MyOrganicFormula. Even though it is not required on baby formula packages manufactured in the United States, it is a good practice to follow for the health and wellness of your little one.


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