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babylove fulfills your baby’s needs – in a competent, sensible and responsible way. High-quality, carefully tested ingredients guarantee the utmost quality you can rely on.


About Babylove

The Babylove brand was developed to be a main brand for drugstore markets in Europe. The European Union has very high standards, especially when it comes to its children, the products they use and the food they eat. As such, Babylove has become a trusted, go to brand for high quality, safe infant formula.



As with all European produced formulas, Babylove contains no added sugars, such as corn syrup, rice syrup, glucose or sucrose. It uses only lactose and maltodextrin as safe and essential carbohydrates. Babylove formulas are gluten free, as is the standard in European infant formulas. They contain the full range or healthy vitamins and minerals which are required to nourish your baby’s body and brain. As an added benefit Babylove also contains probiotic cultures which promote gut and immune health.


Farming Practices     

Babylove is a biodynamic certified company. This means that their products are produced on farms which incorporate measures that protect the environment; insure soil fertility; take pains for proper animal care; and support the community around them. Biodynamic farms go above and beyond the organic standard and use no chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, GMO crops, antibiotics, or hormones. Babylove’s formulas are full of the goodness that comes from milk produced by well cared for cows that have been allowed to pasture on fertile grasses, suitable to their environment. Add to this the organic, nutrient rich oils, starch and supplements which make Babylove a superior formula and you have a product which any parent can trust.

In collaboration with nutritionists and with lots of love we developed a comprehensive selection of baby and infant foods of the highest organic quality for the age appropriate nutrition of your baby. babylove not only offers delicious meals for any age but also a seasonal selection of fruit jars. The organic seal guarantees production in accordance with the European EG Organic Products Regulation.

All babylove products comply with strict quality requirements and undergo regular controls by renowned, independent test institutes.

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Please always use the measuring spoon included in the package when preparing the formula and strictly adhere to the dosing ratio of water and milk powder. When preparing baby food, strictly observe the instructions. Improperly prepared food or the storing of already prepared bottles may have harmful consequences due to the growth of unwanted germs. Each meal should be freshly prepared and immediately used. Left-over meals should not be fed but rather be discarded. Bottle, nipple, and ring should be thoroughly cleaned. Please do not heat the formula in the microwave (risk of scalding!). 


Babylove Products and Age Range




Babylove Bio Pre

Premature, Newborn+

Contains probiotic cultures and no starches

Babylove Bio Stage 1

0-6 Months

Contains probiotic cultures

Babylove Bio Stage 2

6-10 Months

Contains Probiotic cultures

Babylove Bio Stage 3

10 Months +

Contains probiotic cultures