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There’s nothing better than breast milk, however, not every situation is ideal and for many parents, formula is the only option for baby’s first food. Choosing a formula to give an infant can be hard, especially when quality and safety are a priority. Many parents today are concerned about the ingredients used in formulas, and rightly so.


One of those concerned parents, Jessica Alba, created a whole line of products to ensure the happy and healthy development of children. In addition to manufacturing a number of quality organic products, Jessica Alba’s company - The Honest Co. – also manufactures an organic premium infant baby formula.


In fact, The Honest Co. was created after the company’s co-founder struggled to find a quality alternative to breast milk more than seven years ago. The company’s quest to create a premium, nutritionally complete alternative to breast milk was successful and My Organic Formula is delighted to offer the company’s American made infant formula.


Modeled After Breast Milk


The Honest Co.’s baby formula is modeled to be like breast milk and carefully formulated using the highest quality organic ingredients. Here are a few other reasons why we like The Honest Co.’s premium infant formula:


Made in the USA. We are a bit biased towards our European formula brands because manufacturing standards are higher in Europe, but we also understand the importance of buying local.

Premium Ingredients. The company only uses ingredients that meet the strict criteria of the USDA’s certified organic program and are sourced from farms that do not use synthetic insecticides, pesticides, or fertilizers.

Free of GMO’s. The Honest Co. conforms to the USDA NOP standards and guarantees their baby formula is made without genetically modified ingredients. Their formula does not contain any added gluten, carrageenan, DHA/ARA or sucrose.

Certified Kosher. Their formula has met the standards of cleanliness, quality, and purity of strict kosher food laws.

Doctor Reviewed. To ensure their infant formula is nutritionally complete, a panel of doctors, nutritionists, and health professionals have reviewed and evaluated it.


Environmentally and Socially Responsible


The Honest Co.’s formula is also certified by the B Corporation, which sets rigorous performance standards for companies, and has received the Green America gold award. Green America awards gold certifications based on a company’s ability to exhibit extraordinary practices benefitting consumers, employees, and the community and environment.


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The Honest Co.’s shares our passion to provide children a healthier and better future and if you’re looking for an organic formula made in the USA, their formula is an excellent choice. If you’d like to save 10% off your order of The Honest Co.’s premium organic formula, sign up for our subscription service today. By becoming a loyal subscription member, you’ll never have to worry about running out of formula again.