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You’ll only find formula in our store that we’d be happy to feed to our own babies. That means, whichever brand you choose, you can have 100% confidence that it’s natural, healthy and as close to breastmilk as possible. 

To help you choose the right brand (and product) for your little one, we’ve put together a quick quiz. It takes just 60 seconds to get an instant recommendation on the perfect formula. 

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  • HiPP

    One of Europe’s best-loved brands, HiPP comes in three forms: German, Dutch, and UK. All of them are nutritionally similar, made using organic ingredients and free-range animals from German farms. And HiPP’s stringent quality control process (they carry out over 260 tests on each product), means you can always trust HiPP in with your little one’s nutrition.

    And if your baby needs help with allergies, reflux or colic, HiPP offers a range of specialist formulas with all the same natural goodness as regular HiPP, but with a few little adjustments to help them feed happily and get the nutrition they need.   

    The HiPP family has been making healthy, natural food for babies for over 120 years. Starting from their farmhouse kitchen, word soon spread across Germany. The family had always been committed to quality, but in 1956, just as most farmers were embracing industrial farming and chemicals, HiPP went 100% organic – and they’ve stayed that way ever since. 

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  • Loulouka

    Made in Switzerland using milk from happy cows that graze the Swiss Alps, Loulouka brings a taste of the mountains to your baby’s bottle.

    Though they’re based in the Netherlands, Loulouka’s founders sought out Swiss milk because Switzerland has particularly strict quality regulations, with all milk undergoing 50 checks before it can be sold. Loulouka’s science-backed, quality-first approach means that every detail is rigorously researched, to help them meet their commitment to both baby health and the planet.

    As well as exceptional quality cow’s milk, Loulouka uses only coconut oil in its formulas, rather than palm oil, so you’ll know your baby’s formula isn’t contributing to environmental damage.

    For babies moving on from milk to solid food, also Loulouka makes a range of delicious purees from 100% organic fruit and vegetables.

  • Holle

    Swiss brand Holle has been leading the way in organic baby food since 1933. A pioneer of European organic agriculture, Holle’s ethical, research-based approach means every Holle formula provides a perfect nutritional balance.

    You can choose from both cow and goat milk Holle formulas, depending on your little one’s tastebuds and sensitivities (some babies find either cow or goat’s milk easier to digest). All Holle formulas are minimally processed and packed full of healthy fats so they’re extra creamy and filling, even for the hungriest of babies.

    As well as meeting the EU’s tough organic standards, Holle meets the even tougher Demeter standard for biodynamic agriculture. Demeter guarantees environmentally friendly, ethical, sustainable production – meaning you’ll know for sure that not only are you giving your little one healthy, all-natural milk, you’re doing the best you can for the planet they’ll grow up in. 

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  • Lebenswert

    A branch of the Holle family, Lebenswert formula is made in Germany using milk from pasture-raised cows that graze on lush, biodiverse fields – just the way nature intended. The formula that results is pure, natural and gentle on even the tiniest of tummies.

    Like Holle, Lebenswert goes further than meeting the EU’s strict organic standards: it meets the even tougher German Bioland standard too. Bioland is Germany’s leading organic agriculture association, with 50 years of history supporting biodiversity and sustainable agriculture. That’s better for your baby, and it’s better for our planet. 

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  • Nannycare

    Nannycare is the only specialist goat’s milk brand in our store. The family behind Nannycare discovered that goat’s milk is naturally closer to breastmilk than cow’s milk, and has even been used for generations of farming families as an alternative milk for babies.

    The pure, New Zealand goat’s milk that goes into Nannycare needs less processing than cow’s milk to turn it into a delicious formula, with its soft curds making it extra gentle on tiny tummies. If your baby’s tummy is particularly sensitive, Nannycare might be the perfect milk.

    Nannycare’s founders are 100% committed to organic principles, and it’s made without the use of pesticides, veterinary drugs or agrichemicals. It doesn’t have an EU certification only because organic regulations mean that animals must be kept outside, and goats like to have the choice of indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather. 

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