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I love that there is no added sugar and my son's acne cleared up almost immediately after he started on Hipp

We have been trying every formula available for my grandson and we finally found the right formula for his sensitive tummy. This formula tastes great. We are so thankful to the people who came up with this great product.

Love this formula. Always worked well combined with bm and then once I quit nursing at 11 months, I started to combine it with vitamin D cows milk.

We love that we can trust that our baby is getting the best! We’ve used this for all three of our babies!

Customer service is amazing! Got our shipment quickly & easily.

Thank you for your excellent service and for the how fast you solve our inconvenience.

Perfect and easy order and also great milk

Our daughter loves this formula! We switched her from two other fomulas, due to she was having problems with them. This one has been perfect!

Kendamil Stage 2 Organic Baby Formula - Whole Milk, Coconut Oil, 800g

Great product

Great formula kept to high standards

Great container

Product is great 😊 came super fast, my toddler loves it.

HiPP Stage 1 Goat 😍😍🤩

Excellent 🤩

We needed this item urgent, it arrived and we were asked to pay $43 Canadian border fee. Even though the product cost us $89.58. We decided to return the product because it was not worth it. Ever since we have been trying to contact my organic formula with email, we have not yet received any response and we have never got our money back. It has been over seven weeks now.. If you live in Canada, do not order from this company.

We apologize for any inconvenience.
We want to clarify that the import fees you encountered are not directly controlled or imposed by our company. These fees are determined by the customs authorities in your country and are separate from the prices listed on our website as well as the shipping fees.
Furthermore, we want to emphasize that these import fees are not unique to your order or specific to our store. They are a standard procedure for international shipments and apply to all orders being shipped to Canada from international retailers. While we understand that these additional costs can be unexpected and may impact the overall perceived value of your purchase, they are unfortunately beyond our control. We have refunded your order and we hope to serve you better in the future.

Holle milk

Its so underrated.

We love HiPP formula

My son had been doing well with the HiPP German but we just switched to the Dutch one and he’s doing great so far! Love the clean ingredients and I feel so good about feeding my baby this. Price difference compared to the Enfamil a+ premium is actually a tad cheaper for us! We love it!

Amazing product

Baby taking formula very well. Gentle on the stomach and not causing any constipation.

HiPP Pre ready to feed formula

I am very happy with this product. My newborn is doing very well on it.

HiPP German Stage 1 Ready to Feed Formula

HiPP German Stage Pre Ready to Feed Formula (200 ml)

HiPP Anti-Reflux

My 3mth old is doing much better on HiPP. My little munchkin was on Nannycare since birth and was throwing up multiple times per feeding. Medical tests came back normal with the assumption it maybe acid reflux. I contacted customer care and the transition was smooth.

After the fourth feeding the throwing was drastically reduced to 1-2 minor spit ups. Mind you, I do give baby water once a day. That will cause baby to throw up what seem like slime.

Holle Stage 4 Cow Milk Formula (600 gr.)

merci pour vos bons produits

notre cocotte tolère bien ce lait merci elle semble l'adoree
nous avons hâte que ce sois disponible au québec (lait de vache nourri à l'herbe