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I love that there is no added sugar and my son's acne cleared up almost immediately after he started on Hipp

We have been trying every formula available for my grandson and we finally found the right formula for his sensitive tummy. This formula tastes great. We are so thankful to the people who came up with this great product.

Love this formula. Always worked well combined with bm and then once I quit nursing at 11 months, I started to combine it with vitamin D cows milk.

We love that we can trust that our baby is getting the best! We’ve used this for all three of our babies!

Customer service is amazing! Got our shipment quickly & easily.

Thank you for your excellent service and for the how fast you solve our inconvenience.

Perfect and easy order and also great milk

Our daughter loves this formula! We switched her from two other fomulas, due to she was having problems with them. This one has been perfect!

So far so good.

Shipping was swift and seamless. Size is really good too. The formula foams a lot when you make a bottle, and it took my baby a little while to accept this, but she eventually did, and now takes and tolerates it really well. I also noticed my baby seems to be constipated since she started using Loulouka


Great formula easy on the belly

Great…but may cause some constipation

We decided to try Loulouka (having used Hipp before). The baby likes it but it seems that it is causing some constipation.
Otherwise it’s very good

Love this formula and it arrived very quickly

I really like this formula. The EU has WAY higher organic standards and standards for what can be put in infant formulas. Plus, there is no palm oil which is more sustainable and there is no film left in the bottle. I feel very comfortable giving this to my son since I have had to supplement even though I did not want to.

Great Healthy Formula - Scoop Too Small

This formula is so much healthier than North American brands. I do love it and so does my 9 month old baby. However, the scoop is so small you need a lot of scoops for a bottle or pitcher. If the scoop was deeper but no wider (it’s a little wide for the neck of my bottles) it would be less frustrating to use.

HiPP UK Stage 2 Bio Combiotic Cow Milk Formula (800 gr.)

Love love love

I love that this formula is organic and made with better ingredients! My little guys loves it!

We love Loulouka Goat Milk Formula! Ours twin seemed to be sensitive to the formula from the stores. It was a day and night difference for us.

Loulouka Stage 2 Cow Milk Formula (900 gr.)

Great product!

We love this formula and our babies do too! This is the second child we've used it for and love it. You all need to ship to the US!

Loulouka Stage 1 Cow Milk Formula (900 gr.)

So happy with this formula!

Proud mom moment having my LO love his formula!

I highly recommend this and I will never purchase any brands from North Amercia. Hipp is a little bit more expensive, but totally worth it especially when you compare the ingredients.

You will notice with your baby once you use a formula that is from the UK or any European reputable brand.

We love Hipp!

Loulouka Stage 1 Cow Milk Formula (900 gr.)


Quick, correct, easy, straightforward- thank you!

Love the subscription and formula

I panicked when my breastmilk dried up. But was so relieved to find this formula. And with the shortage happening everywhere, i loved that I was able to stock up. My son transitioned well to the formula and I feel confident he's getting everything he needs.