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I love that there is no added sugar and my son's acne cleared up almost immediately after he started on Hipp

We have been trying every formula available for my grandson and we finally found the right formula for his sensitive tummy. This formula tastes great. We are so thankful to the people who came up with this great product.

Love this formula. Always worked well combined with bm and then once I quit nursing at 11 months, I started to combine it with vitamin D cows milk.

We love that we can trust that our baby is getting the best! We’ve used this for all three of our babies!

Customer service is amazing! Got our shipment quickly & easily.

Thank you for your excellent service and for the how fast you solve our inconvenience.

Perfect and easy order and also great milk

Our daughter loves this formula! We switched her from two other fomulas, due to she was having problems with them. This one has been perfect!

Loulouka Stage 1 - Amazing!!

What an amazing formula, it’s so easy to prep and is creamy and smooth on his digestion system. I had challenges with my milk supply and have to formula top up a few ounces after I nurse, and knowing that I’m giving my baby the absolute best quality formula and next healthiest option to breast milk has done wonders for my mental health and postpartum anxiety. I eat extremely clean and organic myself and after I learned what was in some of the generic brands of formula I’d cry and feel so guilty having to give it to him. Thank you for making this wonderful product available to us in Canada. Not only for my baby but for me, it’s given me such peace.

Loulouka Stage 2 Cow Milk Formula (900 gr.)

HiPP UK Stage 2 Bio Combiotic Cow Milk Formula (800 gr.)

Very happy

Amazing to find a product that didn't have filler ingredients and has added vitamins for my baby. Was a great transition for both babe an I from breast feeding

HiPP Dutch Stage 1 Bio Combiotic Cow Milk Formula (800 gr.)

best formula

this is the best formula- baby does not have any issues whilst taking it. Thank you Hipp!

HiPP German Stage 4 Bio Combiotic Cow Milk Formula (600 gr.)

The best formula

I have low milk supply and didn’t want to give my baby girl the formulas that are here in Canada because of all the awful ingredients!
This is stuff is so clean! Mixes well and my baby loves it! She poops great! Isn’t gassy or constipated and is very happy!

HiPP German Stage 2 Hypoallergenic Milk Formula (600 gr.)

So happy with this formula

My grandson was having a lot of tummy issues including acid reflux and the Dr said to avoid dairy. My daughter breast milk supply was low and she needed to supplement with formula. I was horrified to see the terrible ingredients in American formulas as well as all the recalls. After a lot of research I decided to go with Goat milk and chose Nannycare Stage 1. My daughter and I are both thrilled with it! Her 4 month old is doing fantastic and his tummy issues are so much better. We highly recommend this formula. shipping is fast! We are very happy.

So nice formula my baby love it so I will order again 12 pcs

Anybody must know about all your milk products coz so healthy and organic staff so I can’t wait until I order love it thanks 🙏 My organic Formula guys

Holle Stage 2 Goat Milk Formula (400 gr.)

Holle Stage 4 Cow Milk Formula (600 gr.)

My baby girl loves it

Don't trust the American brands at all so I've been using nannycare throughout her first year, reduces her spit up and upset stomach which was a issue with starting with American brands like simulac. Trust the quality and product

My baby loves it and helps her digest so well. She doesn’t have any issue with pooping too.

Very good quality baby formula

I have been looking everywhere for a good quality baby fomula bio and with less iron and this formula is just that and more! My new born twins like it very much!