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I love that there is no added sugar and my son's acne cleared up almost immediately after he started on Hipp

We have been trying every formula available for my grandson and we finally found the right formula for his sensitive tummy. This formula tastes great. We are so thankful to the people who came up with this great product.

Love this formula. Always worked well combined with bm and then once I quit nursing at 11 months, I started to combine it with vitamin D cows milk.

We love that we can trust that our baby is getting the best! We’ve used this for all three of our babies!

Customer service is amazing! Got our shipment quickly & easily.

Thank you for your excellent service and for the how fast you solve our inconvenience.

Perfect and easy order and also great milk

Our daughter loves this formula! We switched her from two other fomulas, due to she was having problems with them. This one has been perfect!

HiPP Dutch Stage 1 Bio Combiotic Cow Milk Formula (800 gr.)

HiPP UK Stage 1 Bio Combiotic Cow Milk Formula (800 gr.)

Great customer service. Got my package in 3 days! Impressive

Haven’t given birth yet so no feedback

Best Baby milk love ❤️ 😍 💖 ❣️ 💕

Very expensive and paid also extra tax money for it

Amazing product

This formula smells great, has a good texture and colour and does not give my baby gas or tummy pain.

HiPP Dutch Stage 1 Bio Combiotic Cow Milk Formula (800 gr.)

Holle Stage 1 Cow Milk Formula (400 gr.)

HiPP UK Stage 1 Bio Combiotic Cow Milk Formula (800 gr.)

New Shipping Company great

I am so happy with the New shipping company 🙂 Thank you! I live in Canada and it came within a few days (the old company came after 2 or more weeks) I was having trouble with customs and them releasing the package. This resulted in so much extra work, and time. The new company is UPS and it was great!! Thanks again! The product is awesome as well. My little guy is 2.5 yo and he still loves it. We love giving it to him as he has a hard time eating healthier food. I feel much better giving it to him as there are a great amout of vitamins and nutrients in it as well. Thanks for a great product!

HiPP German Stage 2 Bio Combiotic Cow Milk Formula (600 gr.)

I love the product but not the price

The availability for it in Canada is non existent so you have to pay about $75ish Canadian for each container if you order 4 and wait 1-2 weeks that’s including the duty for my order. The product is excellent but even at 900 grams it only lasts my 4 month old maybe two weeks! So quite expensive. But Healthwise worth it compared to Canada’s crappy formulas! Price sucks! Product great! Minimal spit up!

Super easy to order and fast delivery

A professional team: easy ordering, fast delivery, no extra fees. Highly recommend!