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The Honest Co. - The honest formula for your baby

The baby infant formula offered by the Honest Co.

Is meticulously fashioned after milk from the mother’s breast. This formula uses a blend of organic, naturally-derived, Non-GMO high-quality ingredients that are sourced from Certified organic farms.

It is gentle and easy to digest, even for the most sensitive digestive systems. This Organic Premium Infant Formula is highly recommended for infants and babies of all ages. The Honest Co. works extensively with an expert team of professionals including doctors, midwives, and nutritionists for their contributions regarding food science, nutrition, and child development.

Their Infant formula provides adequate levels of iron for the first 12 months of your baby’s life.

High-Grade Organic Nutrition - The Honest Co. uses only  premium ingredients that meet the high standards required  by the certified organic program in the United States. This ensures your baby benefits from their stringent sourcing process of screening for product purity and sustainable farming practices.

Complete Nutrition - Organic baby formula offered by Honest Co. is modeled after natural  breast milk. This aids in your baby’s digestion and is gentle on their delicate system.  It provides  a complete range of RDIs. This assures  your baby is supplied with every nutrients he or she needs for robust development. Their formula blends provide carefully balanced minerals and vitamins including Choline, Folic Acid, Vitamin D, Iron, and Calcium.

Pure Ingredients - When you choose baby formula from the Honest Co. you can rely on their dedication to using high-quality ingredients that are Honestly FREE of tree nuts, antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, gluten, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), steroids, artificial flavoring and coloring, peanuts, pesticides and herbicides. Their Organic formulas do not include DHA/ARA.

Meets FDA Standards - Organic formula by the Honest Co. is carefully crafted and scientifically researched. All products meet or exceed FDA nutritional requirements.

No GMO (Genetically Modified) Ingredients - Infant Formula by the Honest Co. never uses  GMO (Genetically Modified) ingredients. This complies with standards set by USDA NOP.

Organic Farm Ingredients - The Honest Co. only uses Organic dairy products sourced from  Certified organic dairy farms. These organic dairy farms do not use insecticides, synthetic pesticides and/or fertilizers on their grounds.

Stringent Testing - To maintain the highest level of product quality, the Honest Co. regularly  conduct stringent testing of all raw ingredients used in their formulas. Their finished product is guaranteed to meet all of the high standards you want to maintain in your home.