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Why buy from us

Why Buy From

We’re here to simplify your search for the perfect baby formula!

Study after study shows that Organic European formulas are the healthiest and safest options available. So why should you buy from

Several important reasons!

  • Your baby will feel better.
  • Your baby gets the healthiest food available.
  • Your baby (and you) will sleep better.
  • We offer a huge selection of organic products, ship fast, and bring you competitive prices.

Our company’s founder is a parent himself and after learning what was used to make traditional brands of formula, searched everywhere for a better option. He, and our hundreds of customers, trust to bring them the best formula on the market in a convenient and simple way.

Here’s why so many people trust us:

Your baby will feel better thanks to our organic European baby formulas.

When your baby eats better, your baby feels better! Countless parents comment on how after switching to an organic European formula, their baby has less gas and reflux. Many parents also notice:

  • More regular bowel movements.
  • Resolved sensitivity issues.
  • Reduced allergies or allergic reactions.
  • Less fussiness from poor digestion and more smiles!

Your baby gets the healthiest food available from

Organic baby formulas like Holle are made with ingredients sourced from biodynamic farms, which allow livestock to feed on lush pastures and prohibit the use of antibiotics and pesticides.

All of the European made formulas we carry are produced according to European Union (E.U.) standards. E.U. standards for infant formulas are closer to the standards of drug companies and are much higher than any guidelines set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.).

Additionally, our formulas:

  • Contain organic vitamins, DHA, and ARA to support your baby’s brain and eye development.
  • Are free of pesticides and therefore help your baby to develop a stronger immune system.
  • Are free of GMOs so your baby is less likely to develop allergies.
  • Include all key vitamins and minerals found in breast milk thanks to over 50 years of breastfeeding research.
  • Include lactose - the main carbohydrate found in breast milk.
  • Support your baby’s energy with no additional sugar, sweeteners, or glucose corn syrup.
  • Help develop strong bones, muscles, and organs thanks to organic proteins also found in breastmilk.
  • Contain no corn syrup solids and are made with milk from cows and/or goats raised on organic farms.
  • Support your baby’s digestive health with probiotics.
  • Never contain taurine, L-Methionine, L-Carnitine, gluten, carrageenan, maltodextrin, artificial flavors, hormones, processed oils, or synthetic preservatives.

Your baby (and you) will sleep better thanks to our organic European formulas!

When your baby's feels better, your baby's sleeps better. And so do you!

Our organic baby formulas are gentle on the tummy and less likely to create stomach issues or other digestive discomfort like reflux, which can interfere with baby getting a good night’s sleep.

Who doesn’t want their baby to sleep better, deeper, and fall asleep faster?!

You have access to a huge selection of organic products and fast shipping at competitive prices.

You can find the Best, Organic European baby formulas at! 

And with warehouses on both coasts, you can expect your product to ship fast.

Orders placed Monday through Friday before 1 p.m. Pacific Time ship the same day. All other orders ship on the next business day.

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For some families, choosing organic isn’t always the most economical choice. Which is why we offer competitive prices on all of the products we carry.

We work hard to make sure safe and healthy feeding options won’t break the bank with several ways for you to save -- like buying in bulk or becoming a subscriber.

If you know you’ll need formula regularly, our subscription service is an excellent way to save. It’s easy (and free) to sign up and you can modify your subscription at anytime!

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