May 27, 2016

Introducing: Babylove Formula

Here at My Organic Formula we talk a lot about the importance of choosing a good organic formula for your baby. Time and again you will see us emphasize the importance of choosing a formula that is safe, natural, and organic. No one wants to feed their baby harmful chemicals, irritating fillers, antibiotics, hormones and preservatives. Yet most formula companies add these things to their formulas.

My Organic Formula strives to bring you only pure, nutritious, organic formula choices. So it is with joy that we introduce our latest product to you.



Straight out of Germany, Babylove is a quality, organic formula line that is produced in accordance with the high standards of the European EG Organic Production Regulations. According to their product information all Babylove products, “comply with strict quality requirements and undergo regular controls by renowned, independent test institutes.”

Unlike many of the formulas produced in the United States, Babylove formula contains no GMO ingredients; are gluten free; contain no highly processed sweeteners such as high fructose corn syrup, beet or cane sugars; and are free form pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics.



Growth Stages

Babylove formula strives to meet the growing demands for nutrients at each stage of an infant’s development. Because of this, their line of formulas consists of different products for each stage of development.



Babylove Bio Organic Pre – from birth 


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Babylove Bio Organic Pre formula is specifically formulated for newborns. This formula can be used alongside breastfeeding or alone in the earlier stages of development. Babylove is committed to the health of your baby and recommends that you breastfeed for as long as possible. If your situation dictates that you use formula at an early developmental stage, Babylove Bio Organic Pre is a gentle and safe formula that will also help to provide good gut flora for your newborn infant.

Babylove Bio Organic Pre contains bifidus probiotic cultures to help balance gut flora and maintain a healthy immune system in your baby. This formula contains lactose as the sole carbohydrate, and is gentler than formulas containing maltodextrin or other carbohydrates.    


Babylove Bio Organic Stage 1 - from birth


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Babylove Bio Organic Stage 1 is also an organic formula suitable for newborn infants and up. Babylove’s Stage 1 formula has a smoother texture than the Pre formula, and contains added carbohydrates which aid in weight gain. This formula will provide your growing baby with all the nutrients he requires to continue to grow strong and healthy. Babylove Bio Organic Stage 1 also contains healthy probiotics to keep baby’s gut and immune system flourishing.



Babylove Bio Organic Follow-up Formula Stage 2 - from 6 months


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As your baby grows, his nutritional requirements will change. Babylove’s Stage 2 formula is specifically formulated for the infant who is now starting to eat solid foods, and may no longer be fully satisfied by breastfeeding alone or stage 1 formula. Babylove Stage 2 formula will help your baby receive all the nutrients his growing body needs while meeting the caloric demands of an older infant. Stage 2 Formula continues to nourish the gut and immune systems with probiotics for healthy digestion. 


Babylove Bio Organic Follow-up Formula Stage 3 - from 10 months  

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By 10 months of age, your baby will be more active and eating several types of solid foods. The amount of calories he needs to grow will continue to increase. Babylove’s stage 3 formula provides all the nutrients needed to support a baby through the 10th month and up; and will continue to nourish gut flora with probiotics.


We are excited to offer you this wonderful product and hope that it will help you give your baby everything he needs to grow up strong and healthy. 


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