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Are Probiotics in Hipp Bio Combiotik 2 Relevant After Six Months Old?


Colic and reflux are two ailments that are somewhat common in newborns. Probiotics can help, but is it still relevant after six months of age?

One thing that makes Hipp Bio Combiotik stand out from other baby formulas is that is contains both pre- and probiotics. It helps maintain balance in the gut by bringing in the healthy bacteria and the food it needs for the gut's microbiome. That along with organic ingredients and exceptional production standards means your baby is well nourished when breast feeding is not an option.

The baby is first exposed to the healthy bacteria in utero. If the mother had a healthy gut, it can be passed down to the baby. The problem is that gut health is impacted by the environment and what people consume. This includes antibiotics, processed foods, GMOs, and other damaging factors. A c-section can reduce a baby's exposure to these bacteria. If the mother did not have the best microbiome, then it would affect the baby's tummy issues.

Hipp Bio Combiotik looked to the natural elements of breast milk when it comes to a healthy tummy. Breast milk contains probiotics naturally. This is why babies who are breastfed are less likely to have ear infections and certain illnesses. Hipp uses the probiotic, or healthy bacteria, which is a natural lactic acid culture, or L. fermentum hereditum. The prebiotic, or food for the bacteria, is galacto-oligosaccarides (GOS) which is extracted from lactose. Together the prebiotic and probiotic creates the combiotik formula which supports gut health.

How Does Hipp Bio Combiotik Benefit Babies?

Babies are known to spit up, have gas, or be constipated. These tummy troubles can cause a lot of discomfort. When the bacteria is not balanced, babies are more prone to a weaker immune system. Babies who are on a formula with pre- and probiotics have fewer gastrointestinal and respiratory infections. In Europe, for example, probiotics are recommended by pediatricians for patients with colic. The prevention of some health issues, especially digestive issues, starts with the gut.

Why Consider Hipp Bio Combiotik 2?

Even though your little one may be over six months old, it doesn't mean that they are too old to benefit from the combiotik formula. While Stage 2 formula will make your baby feel fuller and provide them with more iron for their ever-growing bodies, it also nourishes their gut bacteria.

Babies may grow out of colic by the middle of their first year, but some still need the support of probiotics. Also, acid reflux is not just for newborns; older infants can still have stomach aches.

Does your baby need antibiotics for anything? Antibiotics can affect the balance in your baby's tummy. The probiotic element of Hipp Bio Combiotik can replenish the healthy bacteria and decrease the amount of time your baby is impacted by symptoms. A 2012 study of Stage 2 (also called Follow On) formula showed a decrease incidence of infection for babies who were fed the combiotik compared to those who just had prebiotics.

Your baby can have a stronger immune system and fewer stomach ailments when the bacteria in their belly is balanced. This can come from supplementation of prebiotics and probiotics. Hipp Bio Combiotik has all of that in a great-tasting organic formula. However, if your older baby needs more iron or is not completely satisfied after feeding on Stage 1, then Hipp Bio Combiotik 2 can meet nutritional needs and maintain a healthy, happy tummy for the remainder of the first year.


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