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Does Hipp Organic Contain Fish Oil?



Fish oil is a good source of fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6. Some baby formulas have it. Is Hipp Organic one of them?


Is Fish Oil Good For Babies?

LCP stands for long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid. There are two types of LCPs that are abundant in the brain – DHA and ARA. For babies, they are important for brain development and vision. Infants who are breastfed get these fatty acids naturally. It can be especially abundant when the expecting mother takes fish oil supplements or cod liver oil. This is why formula companies find ways to supplement DHA and ARA in their products. Fish oil is one way to provide a good source of LCPs. In general, fish oil that is in baby formula has its benefits.


Why Does Hipp Organic Use Fish Oil?

Hipp Organic chooses to incorporate fish oil over other sources of DHA and ARA. The fish oil, along with vegetable oil, is organically derived in PRE and Stage 1. Infants, particularly premature babies, are at risk of being deficient in DHA.

Algae and fungi are good sources of DHA, however many parents are concerned with how the oil is extracted from the organism. Hexane has been used in the past, but this solvent can play a negative role in neural development and optimal brain function.


What If My Baby Cannot Have Fish Oil?

There are a number of reasons why your baby should not take fish oil. One reason would be a family history of fish allergies. Just like any new food, your baby may not be able to tolerate fish.

Another reason would be a vegetarian lifestyle. Most vegetarians do not consume fish, including the oil. For that reason, vegetarians will not feed their babies infant formula that contains any fish products.

If you have been nursing your baby and getting ready to wean after the six months recommended by pediatricians, then you can start your baby on Stage 2 which does not contain fish oil. If you want all of the benefits of organic baby formula without the supplementation of DHA and ARA from fish oil, you can find Holle and Lebenswert formulas on MyOrganicFormula. Both of these brands do not use fish oil, but still have the high quality you expect from European organic baby formula from birth on.

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