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Help for Tube Fed Infants


Take it from someone who tube fed a little one for 5 years. You have options! My husband and I were told over and over by our doctors that the only options available to us were “highly specialized” formulas, full of corn syrup and artificial ingredients. Even the food based, chicken and vegetable formulas we were given, when our daughter got older, were full of things I would never have fed her under normal circumstances. Many of the tube feeding parents I have talked to find themselves in the same situation. It’s hard enough finding a regular formula without all the junk in it, let alone a formula that meets the special needs of someone requiring a feeding tube. 


What Makes Our European Formulas Better

For any circumstance, it’s reassuring to know that the European formulas we carry at are pure, natural organic formulas that don’t contain added sugars, artificial ingredients, chemicals, or GMO ingredients. Beyond that though, there are several European formulas which can safely address the special GI and age based concerns parents of tube feeding little ones have.


Formulas for GI Issues

HiPP, Holle and Babylove all have formulas which can help support your little one’s gut, while you tube feed them.



HiPP has 4 different formulas which can be helpful in balancing the gut and aid in different health concerns.


HiPP Combiotik

Is a line containing prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharides and probiotic cultures, both of which aid in digestive health, immune function and proper stool formation.


HiPP HA Combiotik

Is very similar to HiPP combiotik, only with hypo-allergenic properties for very sensitive babies. The proteins in HiPP HA have been broken down into a smaller, easier to digest size, which is less likely to provoke an immune response in sensitive and allergic babies. While also supporting over-all gut health.



Is a product specifically designed to address acid reflux in infants. HiPP AR contains several types of calcium for acid balance; as well as locust bean gum, a natural thickening fiber which helps the formula stay in the stomach. Locust bean gum has been found to be less immune provoking than other grain based thickeners; and can be helpful in infants who have stomach sensitivities. HiPP AR also has probiotic cultures to support gut health and balance the digestive system.


HiPP Special Comfort

Is a formula designed specifically to address most GI symptoms. It has broken down proteins for infants who are sensitive to cow milk; galacto-oligosaccharides and probiotics for gut balance and health; and Beta-Palmitate which aids in calcium absorption and fat metabolism. All these ingredients combined help with cow milk sensitivity, upset stomach, constipation, gas, bloating and irritation.


Holle Goat Milk

Formula is also a helpful formula if your tube fed little one has GI issues. Holle Goat Milk formula is easier to digest and often well tolerated in those who are sensitive to cow milk. Many parents find that a switch to goat milk from cow milk lessens acid reflux, constipation or diarrhea, gas and bloating.



Babylove Formulas can be helpful if just a little extra support is needed. They are a simple, natural, organic formula which contain probiotic cultures to support gut health.


Formulas for Older Little Ones

When it comes to formulas for your tube fed older baby, toddler or young child, the choices are very limited. Thankfully all of our European formulas offer stages for older infants and children.

  • Stage 2 formulas are designed to help meet the nutritional needs of children 6 months and up.
  • Stage 3 formulas are designed for children 10 months and up
  • Stage 4 formulas are designed for children 12 months and up.
  • HiPP offers formulas called Kindermilch, which are comparable to Pediasure, without all the added sugar and artificial ingredients. They offer a Kimdermilch for children 12 months and up and children 2 years and up. 


    Goodnight Formulas and Infant Cereals

      For tube fed little ones who can tolerate thicker formulas and need a little something extra, HiPP makes 2 different Goodnight formulas which are smooth enough to be fed through a bottle. HiPP Goodnight 6 mo+ combines stage 2 formula with rice and buckwheat cereal for a more satisfying meal. HiPP Goodnight 10 mo+ combines stage 3 formula with oat cereal for more variety. Either formula can be used for all cereal tolerant little ones who is 6 months and up. Be aware that the thicker consistency of this formula may take more time to bolus feed.

      MyOrganicFormula also carries several cereals which combine formula and cereal or fruit and cereal to make a smooth cereal. These cereals could possibly be thinned out enough to feed through a tube.

      Because feeding tubes vary widely, it is best to check with your child’s doctor before using any of our cereal products.

      We at hope that these products will help you have a successful tube feeding journey, with less bumps along the way.   


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