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Hipp Anti-reflux Formula- How it Works

Hipp Anti-reflux Formula- How it Works


It is completely normal for an infant to spit up sometimes. Even a few times a day can be normal. Air gets trapped during the feeding process and brings milk back up through the immature muscles of esophagus as it escapes. This lessens as the esophageal muscles mature and tighten. However, some babies seem to spit up all the time, and often bring up larger volumes of milk.

Hipp UK AR 800gHipp Anti-reflux Formula- How it Works

Other babies struggle with acid reflux. The milk comes up into their esophagus, often with stomach acid, and makes them uncomfortable. Babies with reflux often fuss while laying down; have difficulty falling asleep; and often arch their backs. Many also spit up excessively.  


Babies with reflux and/or excessive spitting are often given pharmaceuticals such as Mylanta, or Prevacid and prescribed a diet with added rice cereal or corn starch. These fixes can actually make their symptoms worse in the long run, or create new stomach issues down the line. Babies introduced to solid foods like rice cereal and larger amounts of starches, early on, are often more sensitive as they get older, as these foods compromise gut health. Pharmaceuticals add extra chemicals into the equation, and can create a situation where your baby’s stomach is overproducing acid in response to the acid pump suppressing drug. Thankfully Hipp has developed a more natural solution to acid reflux. Hipp Anti-reflux formula is a smooths, thick formula that settles stomachs and seeks to correct the imbalances which cause the reflux and spitting.


Locust Bean Gum

The most notable ingredient in Hipp Anti-reflux formula is locust bean gum. Locust bean gum, also known as carob bean gum, is a powder made from the endosperm of the carob bean. This fibrous powder has a thick, smooth texture which allows the formula to more easily remain in the stomach of an infant with reflux. Thicker liquids are harder to push back up through the esophagus, and tend to stay put better than regular formula. A 2004 study (published on Pubmed) regarding the effectiveness of locust bean gum on reflux in babies indicated a reduction by 50% in those that consumed formula with locust bean gum, as compared to those who took regular formula.

Unlike rice cereal and corn starch, locust bean gum passes through the digestive system nearly un-altered. It is seen as an insoluble fiber and not a food to be digested. So, it has little to no effect on immune response in the body. It is also much smoother; and therefore, often more accepted by infants making the switch from regular formulas.    



We all know that calcium is good for your bones, and it is an essential ingredient in infant formulas. However, calcium also absorbs and neutralizes stomach acid. It can be very helpful in minimizing the uncomfortable effects of acid reflux. Hipp Anti-reflux formula contains added calcium to balance out the acid in your baby’s stomach; and can help him be more comfortable.


Lactobacillus Cultures

Often, stomach upset is caused by an imbalance in gut flora. Gut flora are essential to a healthy digestive system and immune system. If your baby has had any disruption to the normal workings of his gut flora, such as the use of an antibiotic, or premature or a cesarean birth, adding in a probiotic can be an essential part of healing his stomach. To promote a health digestive system in your baby, Hipp Anti-reflux contains lactobacillus cultures, which build a healthy gut flora.

Often infants with reflux, or excessive spitting, up will grow out of it as the muscles in their esophagus mature and tighten. In the meantime, Hipp Anti-reflux is a suitable choice for babies from birth up. As with all Hipp products, you can rest assured that you are getting the most pure and natural product possible, as well as something to meet every need your baby has. 


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