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HiPP Comfort vs HiPP Bio Combiotik for Sensitive Tummies

HiPP tends to be the go-to brand for parents of babies with sensitive tummies.

HiPP’s regular Combiotik formulas include pre and probiotics derived from breastmilk, which can help settle digestive issues. They also produce specialty formulas, including HiPP Comfort – a reduced lactose, hydrolyzed formula for babies with colic or constipation. 

Changing formula isn’t the only way to help babies with sensitive tummies feel more comfortable and feed better – regular burping during and after feeding, gentle tummy massages and leg cycling can also help. But if you’ve tried these, and you still find that your baby is having issues, it’s worth considering switching formula. 

If you think your baby might have an allergy, always contact your pediatrician for advice before switching formula. 

Organic vs store bought formula for babies with digestive issues

Some babies who struggle with conventional formula do better with a European organic brand like HiPP. 

While conventional brands often include artificial sweeteners and other potentially harmful additives such as corn syrup, European organic brands do not, thanks to Europe’s strict organic regulations. They’re also free of hormones, GMOs and pesticides. 

In short, European organic brands are closer to natural breastmilk than conventional formula.

How could HiPP Combiotik benefit my baby?

There are two reasons HiPP Combiotik could help your baby’s stomach issues.

  1. They include galacto-oligosaccharides, a type of natural fiber that has been found to balance intestinal bacteria and soften stools. These are found in breastmilk too, and can be particularly helpful for babies born via c-section, who sometimes don’t have the right balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut. 
  2. They include probiotics cultured from the lactic acid in breastmilk. Like galacto-oligosaccharides, these can help balance bacteria and reduce stomach issues. 

How could HiPP Comfort benefit my baby?

HiPP Comfort includes the same natural pre and probiotics and HiPP Combiotik, but it also has reduced lactose and hydrolyzed whey protein. 

If your baby is struggling to digest standard formula, it could be because they can’t digest or are intolerant to lactose and have trouble digesting milk proteins. Hydrolyzed proteins are broken down so that they’re smaller and easier to digest. 

HiPP Comfort is recommended particularly for babies with colic and constipation. It might also be suitable if your baby has a diagnosed intolerance to lactose or cow’s milk, but you should speak to your pediatrician before switching. 

You might have heard that hydrolyzed formulas smell and taste bad, or even that they need sweetening to make them palatable. But most parents find that HiPP Comfort doesn’t smell bad (though it is different in smell and consistency to HiPP Combiotik).

Which HiPP formula should I choose?

HiPP Combiotik isn’t designed especially for digestive issues, but can help if your baby’s tummy seems sensitive. It comes in multiple age stages from Stage Pre (for newborns) to Stage 4 toddler milk. 

HiPP Comfort is designed to treat colic and constipation specifically. It’s suitable for any age up to 12 months, though usually these issues resolve after 6 months.

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