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What is Hipp Bio Combiotik?


There are a few unique terms in the name of this Hipp product. Find out how it can benefit your baby. 

Hipp has been a leader in organic baby food for decades. Its natural goodness has been feeding babies for generations and has made its product known around the world. As a German company, it may take a little bit of translation to fully understand the significance of the words on the packaging. 

What Does “Bio” Mean in Hipp Bio Combiotik?

The term “Bio” means that something is organic. This symbol has been used on packaging for almost 100 years in Germany by some of the farmers who wanted to demonstrate that their goods were made in the organic style of farming. The European Union adopted this term for all organically-grown agricultural products, then included livestock under the term in 1999.

While there are label symbols that demonstrate a product's organic certification, the word “Bio”, according to the European Union Regulations on Organic Farming, means that 95% of the ingredients in the product are from organic farming. This term is protected so that it cannot be misused on non-organic products. This also ensures that consumers understand that there are no GMOs, food additives, or chemicals have been used in the process of making the product. Hipp is known for its high quality, organic products, so it is understandable that “Bio” belongs on its packaging.

What does “Combiotik” Mean in Hipp Bio Combiotik? 

“Combiotik” translates into English as “combiotic”, which does not help most people understand what it means. However, it is the term used to inform consumers about the use of prebiotics and probiotics in the organic baby formula. The prebiotics are fibers called galactooligosacchardies. It comes from lactose, an ingredient found in breast milk. The fibers are also found in breast milk. Probiotics help maintain the good bacteria that is found in every person's gut. Probiotics consume prebiotics to provide balance in the digestive and immune system. When you think of Combiotic, you think of Hipp.


The choice to feed your baby Hipp Bio Combiotik means that you are feeding your little one an organic baby formula from a leader in the market. The formula comes close to breast milk with its use of prebiotics and probiotics similar to what is found in breast milk. No matter what language it is in, it simply means natural goodness for your baby and their gut health.

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