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What is So Special About Hipp Baby Formula Ingredients?


Hipp baby formula is sought out by parents for its ingredients. What makes it so special? 

Your baby is a complex little human full of wonder and amazement, but every time you hold your child, you understand how delicate they are. It is easy to see that every baby is gentle and fragile, but this is also true on the inside. The first year is an important year for development. What you feed your baby supports all of those milestones, especially the ones you cannot see.

Hipp baby formula understands your baby's sensitive digestive system. That is why they take the time and energy to focus on organic ingredients that surpass the strict organic guidelines of the European Union. From the farmer's soil in Germany to the final product, Hipp diligently checks that there are no potentially harmful substances that can negatively impact your little one's growth and development.

What are the Ingredients in Hipp Formula?

Organic Skimmed Milk

The milk that goes into Hipp formula comes from cows that have been raised humanely in organic pastures. These farmers and Hipp insure that there is no contact with chemical fertilizers or pesticides that can leach into the milk and into your baby's nervous system. These neurotoxins can have an effect on newborn behavior and general health. Long term effects include neurological diseases like Parkinsons.

When breastfeeding is not an option, you want to have the next best thing. Organic milk is a good source of vitamins and minerals that every baby needs without the toxins and unhealthy substances that they should live without. The cows have access to pastures year-round and are not treated with hormones and antibiotics. As the largest process of organically produced raw materials worldwide, Hipp will stand by their organic ingredients and the purity that goes into it. 

Organic Vegetable Oils from Sustainable Organic Production

Not all vegetable oils are the same. Some originate from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Others come from farms that have treated their crops with pesticides and fertilizers that do not meet organic standards. In many cases, vegetables oils are chemically produced, which can lead to health and behavioral problems in children.

Every baby needs fat in their nutrition for a well-balanced diet. It helps rebuild cells in the body. Breast milk contains fat, so formula strives to mimic it as close as possible. In order to maintain the organic quality of your baby's formula, Hipp also ensures that they have organic oils that are made from organic materials and are produced without chemicals.

Prebiotic Fibers (Galacto-oligosaccharides from Lactose)

While prebiotic fibers are not unique in breast milk, it is for most baby formulas. This is one of the ingredients that makes Hipp stand out from all of the rest. Hipp aids gut health with the additional of prebiotic fibers. The fibers are food for the live bacteria that is already in the large intestines. The better balance of good bacteria in the digestive system, the better it is for your baby. Infants are still developing their digestive system, which is why they are prone to reflux, gas and constipation. The prebiotic fibers help them as they grow.

Organic Lactose 

Lactose is the sugar that is found in milk. Natural sugars are important for cell function in the body. This is the only carbohydrate that is found in breast milk. Not all baby formulas use lactose, but Hipp does. Organic lactose means that the source of energy that comes from the milk has not been modified with a different kind of sugar. Alternatives can be a starch, syrup, or refined sugar that taste sweeter but mask the natural goodness of milk.

LCP Oils from Fish and Vegetable

Omega 3 and 6 LCP (long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid) help babies in the development of their nervous system, especially the brain. It is also good for vision development. It is encouraged for pre-term babies who are deficient in these fatty acids. The presence of LCPs, also referred to as DHA and ARA, is also found in breast milk.

Some parents question the presence of DHA and ARA in organic infant formula because the production process. Some LCPs are derived from algae, fungus, or seaweed. While these are natural ingredients, the process involved the use of hexane to extract the oils. Hexane is controversial as it is considered a neurotoxin. Hipp only uses fish and vegetable oils that are organically derived, so there is no chance of hexane or other neurotoxin coming into contact with your baby's formula.

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