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What Organic European Formulas Can Offer Your Baby with Special Needs


When you are facing the heartbreaking reality of a baby with special health needs, even choosing the right formula can be an overwhelming task. Many people rely on their doctors to point them in the right direction. Unfortunately, many of the formulas produced around the world for children with health needs are not very healthy. Most are not organic, and contain a ton of sugar and artificial ingredients. When your child is already compromised by a health issue, adding these ingredients into their diet can serve as more harm than good. Thankfully, there are alternatives. The European Union has extremely high standards when it comes to products meant for children. There are several very good, organic formulas which can help address the specific needs of your child. We at My Organic Formula are bringing these products to your doorstep, so you can have easy access to good, healthy nutrition to support your child through this time of special need.


What goodness do European Formulas Offer?  


Biodynamic Organic Farming

The European formula companies that we get our products from have a higher calling than simply organic (chemical free) farming. They are dedicated to biodynamic and Demeter farming practices which encompass a unique and holistic approach to agriculture and animal husbandry. The strict certifications biodynamic and Demeter farms undergo include regulations for every aspect of farm life. Natural soil fertility is of utmost importance. Providing a wide range of plant and animal life, in wild and cultivated areas—which protect biodiversity and the health of the ecosystem—allows farms to be fully integrated into the natural world. Limiting the number of animals allowed in an area adds to practices which insure proper care and feeding of animals. Animals are treated with the utmost respect; and are nurtured as a valuable part of the ecosystem. Biodynamic and Demeter farms have a social and spiritual component as well; which connects them to the surrounding communities, and integrates them into the world as a force for positive change and a healthy world. These farms take into account every aspect of a healthy life. The products they produce are both natural and nutritious at their very core.     


Strict Regulations

The high standards of the European Union (EU) insure that the products being manufactured by our formula companies are pure. In other continents, even organic formulas can contain ingredients which may have been contaminated by processing chemicals. Many of the ingredients in such formulas, which are touted as healthy, are processed with toxic chemicals like hexane and hydrogen cyanide. These chemicals are illegal in the European food industry. EU Organics cannot contain any GMO ingredients (which are completely illegal where our formulas are produced), processing chemicals of any kind, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and herbicides.  

The EU also has strict regulations specific to infant formulas. For instance, European formulas cannot contain added sugars, such as corn syrup, glucose, fructose, rice syrup and table sugar. They are very conscious of the health of their children. For more information on the problematic ingredients found in most non-European formulas click here.


Simple Ingredients Lists

Formula ingredients lists can be daunting to look at. Our European formulas have simple, pure ingredients. Only those things which will nourish your baby are included in these formulas.


A Unique Approach to Health

European formula companies, such as HiPP and Holle, understand that health issues are complicated and effect the whole person. Instead of filling their formulas with artificial ingredients meant to mask health issues, they have created products which seek to nourish and balance the body. HiPP and Holle both look to nature for ingredients that will be helpful to sensitive babies, and correct imbalances.   


Probiotics and prebiotics 

On top of the great nutrition offered by our European formulas, many of them also contain ingredients which nourish and balance the digestive system. Infants with health issues often have sensitive, unbalanced stomachs. Several of the HiPP formulas that we carry offer probiotics and prebiotics which nourish the gut, and support a healthy immune systems. Babylove formulas also contain probiotics for gut support.  



As was previously mentioned, European formulas do not contain added sugars. Babies were meant to have the lactose found in breastmilk as their sole form of carbohydrate for the first 6 months of their lives. Lactose is a readily available and easily digestible source of carbohydrate that works naturally with a baby’s developing body systems. It is also the only sugar that nourishes instead of harming gut bacteria. All of our European formulas utilize lactose as the main form of carbohydrate.


A Note on Cow Milk Sensitivity

Many parents who find out that their child is having a sensitivity to cow milk products think of it as lactose intolerance. While it is possible for an infant to be intolerant to lactose, it is unlikely. Most infants with a cow milk sensitivity are sensitive to the proteins in cow milk. The lactose found in our sensitive formulas are unlikely to cause sensitivities.    

All of the formulas we carry at My Organic Formula are, as our name suggest, organic. We believe that all infant formulas should be pure and organic because the health of your baby is of the highest importance. Infant formulas produced according to standard methods are often full of GMO ingredients, pesticides, herbicides, processing chemicals, hormones, steroids, sugars and artificial ingredients. You should not have to worry about your formula adding to your baby’s already compromised health. We hope that bringing our pure, organic, European formulas to your doorstep will help you and your little one through this delicate time and onto a life of good health.



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