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Which Formula Is Best for Gas, Colic and Constipation?

Which Formula Is Best for Gas, Colic and Constipation?

Gassy, colicky babies are hard work. 

Hours of fussiness, when you just can’t put them down (even to pee). Red-faced screaming fits when they just won’t be comforted, no matter what you try. Lack of sleep…for both of you. 

It’s tough, but you don’t have to just wait it out. Switching formula helps many babies with gas, constipation, bloating and colic. While formula doesn’t necessarily cause these symptoms, it can make life tougher for babies who already have sensitive tummies, or another health issue.

Why regular formula can cause colic and digestive issues

Some regular formulas include additives like corn syrup, and the milk that most formulas are made with isn’t organic, which means your formula could include traces of pesticides and fertilizers. Many babies struggle to digest regular formula as a result – but will do well on a gentle, additive-free organic formula

Other babies get gas and colic because they struggle to digest the proteins in cow’s milk, or have an undiagnosed intolerance or allergic reaction to it. For these babies, a specialist cow’s milk formula with modified proteins, or a goat’s milk formula, will usually help. 

European organic formulas for gassy, colicky babies

Many parents find that switching formula improves their little one’s symptoms significantly. While we can’t be sure which is right for your baby, these are the formulas we recommend you consider for gas, colic, constipation and allergies.

HiPP Comfort

Hipp Comfort is made using organic cow’s milk, but is specially designed to reduce colic and constipation and to regulate bowel movements.

The milk proteins are broken down to make them easier to digest for little ones with sensitive stomachs, lactose levels are reduced, and it contains oligosaccharides to help soften stools. For this reason, it’s often the first port-of-call for parents with colicky babies struggling with digestion.

As well as this, Hipp Comfort (like all other HiPP formulas) includes prebiotics and probiotics cultured from breast milk. These help rebalance the good and bad bacteria in your baby’s stomach, setting them up for better digestion in the long-term. 

HiPP Hypoallergenic

HiPP’s Hypoallergenic range is designed for babies with a cow’s milk allergy or intolerance, but can be helpful even for those without a diagnosed allergy to help with digestion. 

Like HiPP Comfort, it uses hydrolyzed (broken down) milk proteins to make it easy to digest, contains natural pre and probiotics, and the Stage Pre formula is also starch-free. Unlike HiPP Comfort, it doesn’t have reduced lactose, so may not be the best choice for lactose intolerant babies. 

Holle Goat and Nannycare

Goat’s milk formulas such as Holle Goat and Nannycare can be a fantastic choice for babies who struggle to digest cow’s milk. Goat’s milk proteins are easier to digest than cow’s milk, forming naturally smaller fat globules. 

Many parents find using a goat’s milk formula helps their little one’s digestion significantly, even if they don’t have an allergy to cow’s milk. 

What about soy milk formulas?

Many parents whose babies have a hard time digesting regular formula try a soy-based formula as an obvious next step. The problem with soy is that it is often just as hard to digest as cow’s milk, and can even make some babies’ digestive problems worse. For this reason, we don’t recommend it unless it’s been prescribed by your pediatrician due to an allergy. 

How do I know which formula is right for my baby?

Choosing a formula is particularly tough when you have a baby struggling with colic and digestion. Get advice from your pediatrician (especially if your baby has a suspected allergy), and to other parents. But be aware that what works for one baby might not work for yours – be prepared for a little trial and error.

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