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NannyCare Vs Holle Goat


Now that MyOrganicFormula offers two types of goat milk formula, you may be wondering how each of them compare and how you can pick the right formula for your little one.


Why Goat Milk Formula?

Goat milk is actually consumed more around the world than in the United States. Goat milk formula has all of the nutritional benefits of cow milk formula. It is fortified with vitamins and minerals that support a baby’s growth and development. 

The difference between goat milk and cow milk is in its composition. Goat milk has less lactose, the natural carbohydrate that is in milk products. That is helpful to babies that may have problems tolerating lactose. Also, the milk protein in goat milk is smaller and softer than cow milk. This is ideal for infants whose digestive system is still very immature or may not tolerate the size of milk proteins in cow milk formulas.

Talk to your pediatrician if your baby is allergic to milk protein. While goat milk formula is a great option, a formula with hydrolyzed protein may offer more comfort in eating.

NannyCare vs Holle Goat Milk Formula

Now that you know more about goat milk formula in general, how are these two brands different?


NannyCare is based out of the United Kingdom but sources its goat milk from New Zealand. The co-op of goat farms take pride in their animals and treat them well with grass not treated with chemicals or toxins, which means their milk tastes great too. NannyCare only uses whole goat milk and cream in its formula.

Holle is based out of Switzerland and sources its ingredients from farms in Europe. Their guidelines for food quality are regulated by the European Union who is known for their strict requirements. Their first ingredient is full cream goat milk powder.


When caregivers research infant formulas, the carbohydrates used are just as important as the milk itself.

NannyCare uses 100% lactose in all of its stages.

Holle uses a combination of lactose and maltodextrin, an ingredient derived from potatoes that balances out the sweetness of the milk that also gives it some thickness for a satisfying feed.


NannyCare has been manufacturing, researching, and improving on goat milk formula, and only goat milk formula, for over 25 years. Their goal is to share the goodness and benefits of goat milk formula to the world. 

Holle is a pioneer of biodynamic agriculture and has been nourishing babies for almost 90 years. They are certified organic by the EU as well as Demeter. Their principles regarding their products help the land, animals, and humans work together in harmony.


The makers of baby formula in the United States do not offer goat milk formula. The only way you can get it is through distributors that can deliver these products to your door.

At, we offer two of the best goat milk formulas for infants and toddlers. Our competitive prices and great service will help you nourish your little one and keep their tummy happy.

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Holle Goat Milk Formula:

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