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About Holle Formula

The Holle company was founded by Albert Diefenbach in Arlsheim Switzerland, in 1933. Mr. Difenbach built his company around Biodynamic, Demeter farming standards that were just beginning to be explored around that time. These ideas have only grown since then. With dedication to the fertility of the land; health of the livestock animals; conservation and sustainability; as well as community integration and welfare, the Holle company strives to meet the needs of the whole person through anthroposophical dietary principals. The Holle company, now owned by Peter Kropf and Udo Fischer, cares deeply about the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of the people it serves.


Holle Distribution

Holle’s central processing plant is located in Reihen Switzerland with production in Germany as well. They have farms located throughout Eastern Europe and South America. Their high quality cow milk is produced in Germany, and their goat milk in the Netherlands and Austria. All of their products are regulated by the high standards of the European Union. They are also Demeter and Biodynamic Certified.      

Holle Formula Products are available in many counties the world over, however they are not carried in stores in Canada. is proud to be one of the few companies to ship these excellent formulas to Canada.


Holle Formula Ingredients

Holle uses only the very best ingredients in their cow and goat milk formulas. Starting with well cared for, animals that pasture on lush biodynamic fields, Holle forms the base of their formula with the best milk available. After gentle processing to make the milk suitable for your baby’s digestive system, Holle adds in oils which contain essential fatty acids, organic maltodextrin and starch to make the formula creamy and sustaining and all the vitamins and minerals that will make your baby strong and healthy. They never use added sugars, chemicals, preservatives or synthetic ingredients. All of their ingredients are organic and GMO free.


Health Benefits of Using Holle Formulas

Unlike many traditional formulas manufactured in North America, Holle Formulas are good for your baby. The GMO and Sugars found in many formulas have been shown to disrupt gut function; cause a tendency toward obesity; a predisposition to diabetes; ADHD and ADD. Chemicals, preservatives, and additives in many formulas can be detrimental to your baby’s immune system, gut health; ability to absorb nutrients; and can harm brain development. Because of Holle’s commitment to producing products free of these ingredients, you can rest assured that you baby is receiving healthy nutrition. Many parents have noticed better sustained energy level; a more regulated sleep-wake cycle; and normal, healthy bowel functions after switching from traditional formula to Holle formula.


Holle Vs. Hipp             

We are often asked what the difference between Hipp and Holle are. Both companies are European based and use similar organic, biodynamic farming techniques. With either company you can be assured that you are getting pure and wholesome products. Holle’s simple formula line and dedication to purity is an easy way to meet your baby’s needs. In supporting the Holle company, you will also be supporting a commitment to and a campaign for healthy farming practices, community support and sustainability across the globe. Holle is truly invested in your child’s future on this earth.


Holle Products and Appropriate Age Guide



Cow Milk Stage 1

0-6 Months

Cow Milk Stage 2

6-10 Months

Cow Milk Stage 3

10-12 Months

Cow Milk Stage 4

12 Months to 3 years

Goat Milk Stage 1

0-6 Months

Goat Milk Stage 2

6-10 Months

Goat Milk Stage 3

10-12 Months Plus


 Sets the gold standard for Organic Formula. This Swiss and German-based formula producer has created the safest and healthiest infant formula available on the market today. If you care about feeding your baby the best nutrition accessible today, look no further than Holle Organics


What Makes Holle Organic The Best Choice For Your Baby


  • Raw Ingredients Are Never Grown Using Pesticides or Chemical Fertilizers
  • We Use Only Organically or Biodynamically Grown Food
  • Strong Working Relationships With Their Demeter Certified Farmers For High-Quality Raw Ingredients.
  • Strong Quality Controls to Assure Proper Preparation of All Raw Materials.
  • Strong Quality Assurance to Assure All Products Meet Safety, Legal and Nutritional Requirements.
  • No Artificial Coloring, Flavoring, or Preservatives.
  • No Added Refined Sugar


Holle Organics offers Formula for each stage of your baby's life. Here is a helpful list of their available formula products.


Holle Organic Infant Formula

Did you know that many mass-producing, non-organic infant formulas do not even label the genetically modified ingredients, or "GMO" sources, they use in their products? Pediatrician Dr. Michelle Perro explains that traces of pesticides and GMOs in non-organic infant formulas actually prevent the growth of healthy bacteria in your baby's intestines that it needs to develop a strong immune system. Furthermore, she has seen the evidence that as baby's bodies are extremely sensitive, consuming any GMO foods or traces of herbicides and pesticides in non-organic formulas can lead to these children getting autoimmune diseases, neurological disorders, growth complications and many allergies. Since nothing matters more than the health and happiness of your baby, organic formulas are critical to help your baby reach their full potential.


Baby Formula Holle for a healthy child

We chose Holle to join our line of natural baby products here at the My Organic Formula store because it's one of the most highly certified organic formulas from Europe that contains absolutely no traces of artificial flavoring, no questionable preservatives, no added coloring agents, no growth hormones and no GMOs. Plus, it's also free of antibiotics, steroids and all types of herbicides and pesticides found in conventional baby formulas at most grocery stores. To top it off, Holle's formulas contain no common allergens -- including traces of gluten, soy, wheat or peanuts -- that can lead to digestive complications later in life.

Important Ingredients found in Holle organic formula: 

  • Vitamins A, C and D for immunity
  • Essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, often referred to as "LCP," just like breastmilk
  • Protein, multi-vitamin complexes and minerals
  • Iron for healthy muscles and cognitive growth
  • Natural lactic acid cultures to nourish the digestive system


Some formulas like Holle Organic Goats Milk Baby Milk and Infant Follow On Formula Stage 2 also contain no cow milk. Although goat milk contains lactose as well, many children with lactose intolerance can drink goat milk. Also, these formulas are perfect for mothers who want to raise their babies as vegetarians right from the beginning of life! All these nutritious ingredients comes from high-quality sources like organic whey and organic vegetable oils.


Benefits you can see in your baby from switching to organic formulas

First of all, your baby will develop more normal sleeping patterns. That's because the main ingredients of conventional, non-organic formulas are GMO corn syrup and sugar, which besides being terrible for your baby's health, are some of the hardest "foods" to digest. Parents switching to organic formulas noticed that their children stopped over-sleeping and became less sluggish after switching to organic formulas. Plus, the new steroid-free formulas eliminated the common swelling in the head that children taking non-organic formulas have, and the organic formulas led to more solid, normal bowel movements that signal better digestive health.

Try Holle’s organic formula to see for yourself how much a positive change in diet can make for your baby.


Holle FAQ

When did Holle baby food start?

Holle has been making organic baby food since 1933.  It all started in Arlsheim when it was founded by Albert Diefenbach under the name Holle Food AG.  As Europe's first and oldest organic baby food manufacturer in Demeter quality, it produced Holle wholemeal bread and the first organic baby food available exclusively in Switzerland until the 1960s when it expanded.


Who owns Holle baby food?

Peter Kropf and Udo Fischer are the current managing directors of Holle baby food GmbH 


Who makes Holle baby food and where it is made?

Holle baby food is made by Demeter certified farmers who are dedicated to providing raw ingredients that are free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  The main ingredients of the milk products come from Germany while the goat milk ingredients come from Austria or the Netherlands.  The cereals and other baby foods are made with ingredients from European countries as well as Turkey and Brazil.  Production takes place in Switzerland, Germany, and other countries within the European Union.


Who sells Holle milk?  Can I buy Holle in Canada?

Holle milk is sold by Holle.  It is produced in Switzerland and Germany and distributed in Europe as well as parts of Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.  In Canada, Holle products are not sold in stores. is buying Holle in large quantities from its distributors and sells it to moms and their babies in the Canada and other countries worldwide.


Are HiPP and Holle the same?

HiPP and Holle are both producers of organic infant formula and baby food based in Europe.  HiPP is based out of Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany and Holle has its headquarters in Riehen, Switzerland.


Which is better: HiPP or Holle?

Both HiPP and Holle products have received their fair share of accolades as the safest brands of baby formula.  Moms around the world who are searching for the best organic ingredients and highest quality agree that HiPP and Holle are strong opinions for their babies.  Holle, in particular, is proud of being the oldest European baby food manufacturer in the Demeter quality.  The choice ultimately comes down to the difference in the natural ingredients.


What is Holle formula?  Why choose Holle organic formula?

Breast milk is best, but for some families, they need to choose a formula to make sure their baby is getting the nutrition they need to develop and grow.  If your baby requires formula, then you need the peace of mind that it is safe and as natural as milk from mom.  The Holle Organic formulas is made with ingredients from organic farming and skimmed milk that has been raised from biodynamic farming in Demeter quality).  This is important to Holle as their formula is made from 99% organically grown ingredients and their main ingredient comes from cows that were raised in caring and appropriate environments.  Overall, Holle's formula meets the European Union's strict organic regulations as well as international regulations of  Demeter quality. 


What is Holle milk?

Holle milk is the organic infant milk and formula that follows your child's nutritional needs from birth up to age three.  Organic infant formula is gentle enough for your baby to start from both up to six months whether they drink it as a bottle-fed baby or as a complement to breastfeeding.  Infant Follow-on Formula 2 can be used as early as the 6th month for bottle-feeding or as a complement to breastfeeding.  Both infant formulas can be used when preparing Holle Wholegrain porridge.  The Organic Growing-up Milk 3 is appropriate for babies 10 months and older to replace or complement breast milk while the Organic Growing-up Milk 4 can be incorporated for 1-year olds who drink it as a part of a mixed diet.

Recently Holle has also added a line of goat milk formula products.  The milk comes from goats raised in Austria and/or the Netherlands.  There is the Infant Goat Milk Formula 1, and Organic Infant Goat Milk Follow-on Formulas 2 and 3.


Why use Holle follow on milk?

At about six months of age, some mothers start weaning baby off of breast milk or needs to supplement their milk to support the nutrition baby needs to grow.  The Follow-on Formula is easy to digest but can also be used in preparing cereals.  It is also organically made with Demeter milk.


When should you start your baby on Holle follow on milk?

Your baby is usually ready to start follow on milk when he or she is about six months old.


What is Holle organic goodnight milk?

Holle does not have a goodnight milk formula.


How good is Holle organic formula?

Holle organic formula is so good that moms in Canada seek it out for their babies even though it is not sold in stores in the country.  Many mom blogs consider it one of the best organic formulas available.  Its quality that stands out is that it follows the requirements of being certified Demeter quality.  Not only does it keep out pesticides and chemical fertilizers and meet the high standards of the European Union, but it also maintains a high level of quality control from processing and cooking.  Their constant checking ensures that the food your baby eats meets all of the legal, safety, and nutritional requirements.


How to use Holle organic formula

Before using any formula, always check the expiration date for freshness and safety.  Never freeze or refrigerate powder formula.  Not only should your baby's feeding equipment be sterile, but you should keep a habit of washing your hands before every feeding to protect baby from germs or contaminating the food they eat.  All milk bottles should be prepared fresh, however in some cases, it is possible to prepare bottles ahead of time.  This is ideal for night time bottles.  Prepared formula should be kept in the refrigerator until use and all formula must be thrown out after use.


How much Holle organic formula or how much Holle milk does my baby need?

Your baby knows how much they need, and some babies need less or more at each feeding.  This guide can recommend how much Holle organic formula you can prepare.

 How much Holle organic formula or how much Holle milk does my baby need


How to store Holle formula

Holle comes in bags rather than a can so that it is completely BPA free.  It also comes with its own scoop.  The formula should be stored in a cool, dry place.  For the purpose of keeping the formula sterilized, it is best to store the formula in its original packaging, however you may opt to store the formula in a sterilized glass or Stainless steal container.


How to make Holle formula/ How to mix Holle formula


Preparation steps for formula powder

  1. Wash your hands prior to preparing Holle formula. Be sure to use equipment that has been sterilized according to manufacturer’s instructions.  In most cases, boil the nipple, bottle, and ring for 3-5 minutes.
  2. Boil fresh water, then leave it to cool to about 122°F (50°C). Do not use water that has been artificially softened or water that has already been boiled previously.
  3. Measure half of the amount of water into the sterilized bottle. The amount is determined by your baby's age and/or weight. 
  4. With the scoop provided in the formula packet, carefully measure one level scoop of powder per fluid ounce in the bottle. Do not press or pack down the powder.
  5. Secure the sterilized nipple and cap on the bottle. Shake vigorously.  Add remaining water, then shake vigorously again until the powder is fully dissolved. 
  6. Proper drinking temperature is about 98.6°F (or 37°C). Test the temperature of the milk before feeding.  If it is still too warm, cool the milk by holding the bottle under cold running water.


NOTE:  Do not warm milk with a microwave.  This may cause uneven pockets of scalding milk.


How to prepare Holle formula

If you need to store feeds in advance, it is important to keep it cool and use it within two weeks of opening.  Powder and pre-mixed formula is not sterile and bacteria can develop. 


  • Bottles prepared at room temperature must be used within 2 hours
  • Bottles prepared and stored in a cool bag with an ice pack must be used within 4 hours
  • Bottles prepared and stored in the back of the fridge must be used within 24 hours


How much Holle milk

There are seven formula milks available through Holle organic:

  • Organic Infant Formula 1
  • Organic Infant Follow-on Formula 2
  • Organic Growing-up Milk 3
  • Organic Growing-up Milk 4
  • Infant Goat Milk Formula 1
  • Organic Infant Goat Milk Follow-on Formula 2
  • Organic Infant Goat Milk Follow-on Formula 3


How many Holle organic recipes

Along with the seven varieties of organic milk or goat milk formula, Holle also offer a variety of baby foods in baby porridges, junior mueslis, milk cereals, jars, and pouches as well as biscuits, teas, and fruit bars.


When it comes to porridge, Holle has flavors like rice, millet, spelt, semolina, and rolled oats for babies from 4 months old.  For babies from 6 months old, there is baby muesli, 3-grain, fruit porridge with banana and semolina, and vegetable porridge with pumpkin maize rice.


Junior Muesli flavors are heartier choices babies 10 months and up.  There is multigrain with cornflakes and multigrain with fruit.

Organic milk cereals have flavors like milk cereal with millet or with spelt for babies 4 months and older.  Milk cereal with bananas is formulated for babies older than 6 months.

Holle has multiple flavors of food jars to introduce your baby to solid foods with delicious flavors that are all organic.  There are vegetable jars, menu jars, meat jars, and fruit jars.  There are single flavors such as carrots or parsnips, or there are mixed vegetable flavors including spinach with potatoes or broccoli with rice.  Meat jars introduce beef and chicken using animals raised on organic, Demeter quality farms.  Fruit jars take the mild fruits that babies learn to love and create delicious combinations like apple and plum for 6 months and older to apples and fruits of the forest for 8 months and older. Menu jars combine meats with vegetables for a more rounded diet.  Babies can enjoy carrots, potatoes and beef at 4 months or spaghetti bolognese at 8 months. 

There are a number of ways to take snacks on the go.  Organic pouches allow you to take fruit and vegetable purees with you without worrying about additives, processed sugar, or added salt.  You can choose from fruit puree, fruit puree with wholegrain cereals, vegetables, or fruit puree with vegetables.  Baby rusk, spelt biscuits, and fruit bars are other snacks that they can enjoy at home or when you are out.


How is Holle organic different?

Holle is different because it is one of the best organic baby food companies worldwide.  Moms and babies prefer it and know that Holle follows the strict guidelines of the European Union for organic baby food and milk.  Holle is also different because it strives to produce Demeter quality baby food for which they have been certified for over 80 years.


How does Holle work

Holle uses only raw ingredients grown to biodynamic or organic standards.  This is true from milk to fruits and vegetables to meats.  The milk and formula grains comes from biodynamic farms in Germany while the rice is grown in Italy and the millet grain is grown in Hungary.  Despite following the basics in its ingredients, it has modern production lines with the latest technology and ISO certification.  They want to make sure that the best foods that nourish your child come from them.